There is one common mistake students do while trying to learn words. They keep running to a dictionary.

Are the interviewers cool? Are they Friendly? Are they Welcoming?

The answers for all the questions are “unfortunately” a big YES. And hence, you are in danger!

Quite a few of my students – CAT, GRE as well as those hopeful of taking up jobs have asked me about my views on Trump’s victory and the impact of this on their goals. I am penning what I had told my students a couple of months back during a class discussion, on then hypothetical scenario of Trump becoming the President.

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Be it an interview, a group discussion, or a general talk, these are some of the best ways to open your talk. 

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Competition has always been high in our highly populated country, whether it is for food, school and college admissions, or job opportunities. Unlike our parents’ generation, we can no longer take up a job and relax, thinking that we will continue in the same job for decades. 

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