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Mohamed Abdullah

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Till now, we have been discussing about the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Sections of GRE. However, equally important is the Analytical Writing Assessment. As this section is not scored in the same way as the other two, it is often ignored and misinterpreted.

In some of the previous articles, we looked at Verbal Reasoning part of the GRE. In this, let’s look at the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) section.

Last week we covered what GRE Verbal Reasoning is all about. This week, let’s look at the strategy that you should follow to score well in this section.

If there is one area a GRE aspirant is afraid of the most – it is the verbal section. With GRE written mostly by engineering students, and this, not being an exam just for the engineers – the quantitative reasoning section is relatively an easy one to crack for those with a Mathematics background. No wonder then, many aspirants convince themselves that GRE is all about acing the verbal battle.

General GRE, conducted by ETS, is a pre-requisite for admission to most good MS schools in the US. Increasingly many Top MBA schools too have started accepting it, including the Indian School of Business.

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