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Mohamed Abdullah

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Quite a few of my students – CAT, GRE as well as those hopeful of taking up jobs have asked me about my views on Trump’s victory and the impact of this on their goals. I am penning what I had told my students a couple of months back during a class discussion, on then hypothetical scenario of Trump becoming the President.

To all my CAT 2016 Students, who are, one month close to the test – wondering, should they carry on, or focus on CAT 2017! A short story from my side…

As long as we are standing outside the swimming pool, we can stare at it. We can debate on how cold the water is, or how deep the pool is. We can wonder if we can swim across, or survive at all.

Life is not always about being first.

As I have the wont of saying – we may not be the first to reach the moon, but if someone has done in the past – there is a hope for us.

Every morning I take my dog – Copper for a walk. As he, a German Shepard, is a bit aggressive, I always take him out in a leash. This morning when I got up early, I decided to take him on his walk early. Finding the road completely empty, I, for the first time, decided to take him out without the leash – thinking that he would enjoy that freedom more.

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