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SBI PO - Clearing Cut-offs in Prelims Exam 2017

What are the numbers involved in SBI PO Prelims?

25 lakh students and 2403 vacancies. That hits hardon the face as that is 1 student out of every 1000 students will be selected.

Foreign Trade of India

What are the trade targets for India as envisaged in FTP, 2015 to 2020? Which nations are the major trading partners of India? What are the challenges of India in the foreign trade? How is trade very important to India now? What factors influence the Trade Policy of India?

Read this article to know one of the most important facets of a nation that is always overlooked in the noise.

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Indian economy

How did the GDP change from 1991 to the present levels? What is the FDI inflows during this period? How did the nature of employment change from 1991 to the present? What are the present Foreign exchange reserves of India? What is the external debt of India as compared to that in 1991? By what percentage did the Sensex change from 1991 to the present?

Read the article for answers to these and many more.

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How did the East India Company enter into India? What were the original intentions of the East India Company? Was East India Company in India to trade or to control? How did the British Raj change India’s fortunes from riches to rags? How did British Raj usurp the trade in India? How India changed its trade policies from an utter abyss to what it is today – what was the transition? Read the blog to find answers to the questions posed.

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