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GRE - Argument Task

In the previous articles, we have looked at building a response to the Issue task. Now, imagine for a second you are evaluating someone else’s response to Issue – and that is precisely what you are required to do in the Argument task.

GRE - Issue Task

In the last article(How to prepare well for Analytical Writing section?), we have looked at the parameters used to evaluate an Issue Task. In this article, let us understand how to develop a response that satisfies these parameters.


Analysing an Issue is the first question in the Analytical Writing section. In this question, you are given a topic and a set of instructions. You are expected to provide your opinion on the given topic as per the instructions within a time of 30 minutes. As I have mentioned in the earlier article, in this section, you are evaluated not just on your writing skills but also on your analytical skills.

Till now, we have been discussing about the Quantitative(Get a feel of Quantitative Reasoning Section in GRE) and Verbal(The section that scares students) Reasoning Sections of GRE. However, equally important is the Analytical Writing Assessment. As this section is not scored in the same way as the other two, it is often ignored and misinterpreted.

In some of the previous articles, we looked at Verbal Reasoning(The section that scares students) part of the GRE. In this, let’s look at the Quantitative Reasoning (QR) section.

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