IPL- Cricket’s Laboratory

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“I do IPL commentary because I genuinely like the cricket on offer; I want to be a part of cricket's laboratory to see what is brewing. It is a fantastic…

How can an emerging leader be identified in a GD?

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The age-old adage believes that “True leaders are born, not made.” Not anymore! The times they are changing, and so, now leaders can be made too.

Privatization of Education

If such a topic is given in a GD, I would try to understand the logic by asking ‘good for whom?’ It could be good for students and, by logical…

Are Deemed Universities good for higher education?

Suppose you’re given a topic like this in a GD, what are some of the points that you need to look at when you’re constructing an argument in favour of…

Small states or Big states – Does size matter?

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Are larger states better than smaller ones? It’s a never-ending debate that took centre-stage during the pro-Telangana movement and after the formation of the 29th state. So what makes the…

Make in India: India’s ticket to the Big League?

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There can be two ways of looking at a topic like this: Is this initiative good or bad for the country – discuss the points for or against it. What…

Make that Lasting Impression!

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As we’ve already established, Group Discussion is not only a selection tool but also an elimination tool using which evaluators or panel members choose prospective candidates who they think would…

Arranged marriage or love marriage: Which is better?

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If there is a favorite topic for our panel members across the corporate world, undoubtedly this is it. I thought of this topic today because after so many heavy-duty ones,…
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