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Being first may be tough. Second – not really!

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Life is not always about being first. As I have the wont of saying – we may not be the first to reach the moon, but if someone has done…

YOU versus YOU!

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How do you feel when someone compares you to James Bond? And how do you feel when someone compares you to an utterly despicable person? We all, in one sense,…

Learn Vocabulary through Mnemonics

There is a way to remember everything. Be it a face or a name. If so, is there a way to dunk a dictionary of words into your brain? You…

The ABC of Writing!

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A house is nothing but bricks, sand, iron, cement, water put together. Similarly, a good piece of writing can be nothing but letters, words, expressions, idioms, style, punctuation, and sentences…

Personality Development- Discover the Kid in You!

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Recently when I visited a kids’ play area, I have observed three interesting behavioral traits that most of the kids present there manifested. 1. Willingness to Try: In a span…

No Money; No Entrepreneurship!

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During a recent chat, my college buddy has made a profound statement about entrepreneurship, summarizing his 5 years experience in entrepreneurship. The statement he made was “During initial days of…

Are Academics really important? What if I screw them?

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Yesterday morning I received a message from a student of mine, who has just completed his Engineering: “Sir, I have just completed my B. Tech with 58% and a couple…

Life beyond the Comfort Zone.

Every morning I take my dog – Copper for a walk. As he, a German Shepard, is a bit aggressive, I always take him out in a leash. This morning…
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