We, at Conduira, believe that with drive, one can aim at ambitious goals, identify the gaps in oneself to reach such goals, equip oneself with the skills required to bridge the gap and finally fulfill one's dreams.

We help students succeed

  • in aptitude tests for both career progression and higher education
  • by leveraging technology
  • by providing personalized, analytics-driven, engaging and effective learning solutions
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Learning Method

Our Unique Learning Methodology

To help student identify his/her Knowledge Gaps through continuous evaluation and address them through

  • interactive learning exercises
  • analytics driven feedback
  • peer-interaction based social learning
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More About Us


What is ConduiraOnline?

Conduira Online is a completely owned subsidiary of Conduira Education and Training Services Pvt Ltd, a leader in offline test-prep, training thousands of students every year in the areas of Job Training, Study Abroad (Graduate (GRE) and Under-graduate (SAT)), MBA in India besides others.

Who are the people behind Conduira Online?

The founders and the management team of Conduira Online consist of engineer-turned-MBAs from IIMs, IIITs and other Top B-Schools like MDI Gurgaon and SP JAIN, Mumbai. The team has a collective work-experience of more than 30 years and a 50+ years of teaching experience.

How can Conduira Online help me?

Conduira Online provides you with a comprehensive learning program complete with Learning Videos, Live Online Sessions, Assessments, Personalized Feedback and Study Plans. The accompanying blog articles serve to improve your awareness and keep you motivated towards your goal while the forums provide you with a platform to interact with your peers.

How is Conduira Online different from other Online Test Prep services?

Conduira has been synonymous with quality test-prep since its inception and Conduira Online carries forward that legacy in all its offerings. Furthermore, Conduira Online leverages technology to provide machine-learning based algorithms to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and to recommend to you customized learning plans and to provide a platform for interaction with peers. 

What are the different programs offered by Conduira Online?

Conduira Online presently serves programs for students interested in securing job either within in the fast growing IT Sector or the Banking Sector. Soon to be launched programs include Study Abroad Programs such as test-prep for GRE, GMAT and MBA-in-India comprising CAT, XAT and CMAT. 

What are Learning Sessions?

Learning sessions consist of on-demand and live training sessions on important concepts. Students can also raise doubts, use interactive transcripts and time-tagged notes. 

What are Assessments and Challenges?

Assessments can either be MCQs at a topic level or can mimic a Company Model in a Full Length Test. These serve to continuously assess student's progress as well as gain critical information on student's learning abilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. Challenges are gamified Learning Evaluations, either admin-driven intended to help students stay on track or are student-initiated where they can invite their friends to a challenge.

What are Personalized Study Plans?

Personalized Study Plans take into account student's background, academic profiles, strengths and weaknesses as diagnosed by the diagnostic test in addition to test profile, your time to the test and your goal to arrive at a with a prioritized order for navigating through the Course Material. Our intelligent algorithms keep track of your learning progress and continuously customize your learning plans to ensure that the time spent by you yields maximum benefit and takes you one more step closer to the goal.

Do I require continuous internet connection to be able to access Conduira Online?

Conduira Online is a completely cloud-based solution and as a reason, you would need internet to be able to access different modules of Conduira Online for now. However, efforts are in place to be able to make the application available offline. Please do watch this space for further updates on this front. 

Can I access Conduira Online on my mobile/tablet device?

Conduira Online is a responsive website and is customized for a seamless mobile experience too. Hence, it can be accessed from a mobile/tablet device too. A mobile application with access to learning and evaluation modules is currently under works with Vocab Prep, our vocabulary learning application in the beta stage. Please watch this space for updates on this announcement. 

How does Conduira Online pricing work?

We respect the fact that each student is unique and therefore has varying learning requirements. Hence, in addition to purchasing a pre-built package, you can build your own package as well and what more, all our packages are billed on a per-month basis. You could also upgrade to a different package during the course of the program. On updating to a costlier tier, you will only be charged for the difference in charges.


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