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Mindfulness and SBI PO Prelims

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Practice mindfulness for better results in SBI PO Prelims...
  • Balaji

    Mindfulness is explained by the word itself. Mindfulness is being in the present. When one is in the present, the focus increases umpteen number of times and one will realize what one is up to.

    Consider this - X has bad experience with low scores in a particular section of the SBI PO Prelims. That shouldn't spoil the present. Focus on the present, be mindful that one is supposed to do one's best to clear the cut-offs in that particular section. The past has no effect on the present if the lessons are learnt.

    One will learn the lessons if one is mindful. In this last stretch of the test preparation avoid mind-drifts as it is a blight. Just check how much one's mind can focus without any extraneous thought. It will be in seconds.

    Try to bring it to a few minutes like 1 or 2 minutes. Everything can wait that 100 minutes of the test. The world will not stand still if you don't care anything outside the test.

    Have a resolve to focus on the test. Even while reading this, if you are checking the other elements in the page, then you need not read this article!

    All the best. Prepare for the test as instructed by Conduira Online.

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