How to crack Para-jumbles Questions in Bank Exams


Para-jumbles Questions in Bank Exams - Tips and Tricks:

One of the most commonly attempted and the easiest question types to score in the Banking test is “Para-jumbles”. It's so called because a Para is jumbled and given to You, to test your ability to read, understand, reason, and knit it in a logical sequence. Doing so successfully, can win five marks from this question type itself. These five Marks can be a lion's share of the verbal section cut off that you need to score or at Times the cut off itself. In other words, a six-sentence paragraph is given with some or all the sentences wrongly or illogically placed. In some cases, the opening or the first sentence is fixed while the rest of the sentences are jumbled and are marked as A, B, C, D, and E. Here, the aim of an exam-taker is to place these sentences in a Logical order and mark them as 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively. 

 To acquire maximum marks one has to know the basic science behind writing a Paragraph. A paragraph is nothing but flow of thoughts put in the form of sentences. One has to know the thought-flow and approach of an author, and how he keeps Developing these thoughts in a paragraph to arrive at a conclusion. 

See this The abc of writing ConduiraOnline's blog to understand the ABC of writing a paragraph.

Further, using options to eliminate the wrong choices is one of the best techniques to solve these type of questions. For example: The question asks you to find the first Sentence, with the options at hand are A, B, D, E, or F. Now there is an advantage if You solve this question from the options. It's is obvious or plain to understand that “C” can't be the first sentence as it's not even given in the options. 

In case of the same question, there are multiple ways to eliminate incorrect choices. 

1) Usually, the first sentence doesn't start with a conjunction(but, however...).

2) Usually, the first sentence never brings in a topic abruptly or continuous an already referred idea. You can recognize such cases by spotting connectors such as, “on the other hand”, “also”, “besides”, “the”, “etc”.

3) Understand the topic of the paragraph and find the introduction of it. Usually, a topic-sentence is presented which defines the whole paragraph. It contain introductory elements. For exam-taker: “a scientist named Prabhakar”, “a place Called Velegapatanam”, “a catchy phrase”, “a well-known quote” etc.. 

4) An option can be eliminated by spotting “pronouns”  if they are used without their noun reference.

What our ConduiraOnline sample videos to know more about how to maximize your score in Para-jumbles.


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