Ask any GRE student, he would say that the word polytheism, comes from two Greek words - Poly, which means “many”, and theo, which means “God”.

Yesterday, the religion called cricket became polytheistic. Till yesterday, there was one god - Tendulkar - and yesterday, another was added – Kohli! He is the Cricket God- version 2.0.

Any follower of cricket would know that, we Indians are a capricious* lot – we are quick to declare people as gods, and then consign them to the hell, if these gods fail to keep their promise to us. (*someone whose mood changes quickly and without much reason – for the benefit of non GRE students :-))

When someone wins what we have (or thought) lost – they are our Gods. When someone loses what we have won – they are the Devils.

We ARE capricious! But there lies an important learning and opportunity. There have been times when we have tried something and failed. I am sure many of us remember our embarrassment when we were called onto the stage, and there our mind, spirit and the body – failed us – shamed us! We saw others laugh. We saw others – declare us as failure! And then we did not try going onto the stage again! Failure made us the devils – in our eyes, and in the eyes of the audience. And next time when we DO go onto the stage – they would – thanks to our previous experience – expect us to fail.

But, what would happen, if we WIN what THEY THINK has been LOST? They would embrace us also as Gods! So cheer up. Know your audience – and go and fight.

There is Kohli in each one of us. Give yourself and the world a chance to see that in US.

Kohli rocks! India rocks! And so shall we!  


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Growing up I had two heroes – one was Bhagat Singh, and the other Rani Lakshmi Bai.

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We are entering the Cricket Season. With the World T20 competition about to start the cricket fever is about to grip all of us, and in our hearts and lips – we are once again going to say – Go India, Go!

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For quite a few of us, there are many reasons why we cannot reach our goals. These include, our challenging circumstances, the non-supporting atmosphere, or sheer bad luck. But for a few, there are no excuses.

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Being different is ok. But fight harder.

These days I come across students who are venturing into something nontraditional.

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