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Campus Placements- TCS Recruitment Process

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Follow this discussion to know about TCS recruitment process, questions previously asked and currently being asked, company information and other relevant information. You can share your own experience of TCS recruitment process, using reply button in this thread.

To Learn about various TCS Patterns and Rounds, please follow the link TCS Campus Recruitment Process #2
  • Sandeep Reddy Komatireddy
    TCS Selection Pattern 1:

    In this Pattern, there are 3 rounds.

    Written Round:

    Written round consists of Analytical Test and Email Writing.

    Under Analytical test- Quantitative Ability and Reasoning Ability sections are tested. There are 30 Questions to be attempted in 80 minutes- 18-22 Quantitative and 12-8 Reasoning based questions. The important topics include Number system, Ratio and Proportion, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time, Speed, Distance and Work,Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Plane geometry, Basic Algebra, Arrangements, Sets, Series, Coding, Truth and lie based puzzles.

    Under Email Writing, there will be a scenario given along with some phrases. You have to definitely use theses phrases given in the question and compose an e-mail. While writing, Grammar should be followed according to the standard English. Yes, you will lose marks if you make grammatical mistakes. You have to complete this Email writing in 10 minutes. Please follow Conduira Online forums to understand sample E-mail writing questions, sample good and bad essays.

    Technical Round:

    For technical round, some of the subjects you will be tested include C, JAVA and DBMS. Along with them, prepare on two more subjects from your branch. In most of the technical interviews, they will ask your favorite subject- in case of which you can speak out the subjects you have prepared.

    HR Round:

    In HR round, they question you everything and anything related to your personality, family, education, hobbies, internships, work experience (if relevant), general knowledge, etc. While we would be sharing various Interview questions on Forums from students' experiences, we suggest you to go through GDPI videos of Learning center, to understand and learn the right answers for these questions.

    You can follow other discussion threads to understand patterns of other companies and also to know the questions being asked
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  • Sandeep Reddy Komatireddy
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