Wipro Elite - Time, Speed & Distance 

With just a few days left for Wipro Elite exam, it is high time to brush up all the important concepts related to the respective section Wipro Elite such as Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning & Essay Writing. Read on this blog to brush up some important concepts related to Time, Speed & Distance questions which might come up in the Wipro Elite Exam.

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Wipro Elite Coding Section - Practice Questions

With just a week left for Wipro Elite - National Talent Hunt, students are pushing beyond their limits in order to prepare for the exam. However, students are often confused with the variety and difficulty of coding questions that might be asked in the exam. This blog contains sample Wipro elite coding questions, which can help students in gaining a general idea about the type and difficulty of questions asked in the coding section of the exam.

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Wipro Elite Reasoning Section Questions

Wipro Elite 2019 Exam contains 3 section and total time 140 min's.

In Aptitude Test questions are from Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability and Verbal Ability. Below are the puzzle based logical practice questions for Wipro Elite NLTH exam

Wipro Elite Reasoning Section - Selection based Puzzles

A travel company is offering two package tours involving eight places A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.  Half of the group wishes to go on tour one to visit five of the cities, the other half wishes to go on tour two to visit the other three places. The selection must abide to the following restrictions.

1. A cannot be in the same tour as B.

2. C must be in the same tour as D.

3. If tour one includes E, it must also include F.

4. If tour two includes G, it cannot include A

1.  If tour two includes D, which of the following CANNOT be true?

1. F is in tour number one 

2. B is in tour number one 

3. H is in tour number one 

4. A is in tour number two 

5. G is in tour number two 


Before answering this question make an idea of the two tours.

• Tour 1 includes five cities, whereas tour 2 includes three cities. The condition given in the question says if D is included in tour 2, which of the statements given cannot be true. 

• According to Condition 2, C should be included in the same tour as D. So, another city in tour 2 will be C. 

• Taking the Condition 4, if tour 2 consists of G it cannot have A. But according to condition 1, A and B cannot be in the same tour. So, A should be included in tour 2 which has only one slot left. 

By satisfying all these conditions, we arrive at this solution: 

Tour 1 - E F H B G 

Tour 2 - D C A 


In the given options, 5 satisfies the solution we arrived at.

2. If tour two includes E, which of the following MUST be true?

1. F is in tour number one 

2. C is in tour number one 

3. F is in tour number two 

. B is in tour number two

5. H is in tour number two 


• Follow the same basic idea, Tour 1 has five cities and tour 2 has three cities. 

• The condition given in the question says if tour 2 includes E which of the conditions must be true. 

• Condition 3 cannot be applied as it confines to tour 1. 

• According to condition 4, If tour two includes G, it cannot include A.

• After considering Condition 1 and condition 2, we arrive at

Tour 1: C D G H A

Tour 2: E G B 

• If we apply the vice versa of condition 4 to the derived solution and applying condition 1 to it,  we get:

Tour 1: C D F B G 

Tour 2: E A H 

• Another possible conclusion can be swapping H to tour 1 and F to tour 2. The arrived conclusion will also satisfy all the four conditions. 

Tour 1: C D H B G 

Tour 2: E A F


In the given options, only 2 can be true after considering the possible solutions which satisfy all our conditions.

3. If tour one includes E and tour two includes A, which of the following MUST be included in tour two?

1. F  

2. B 

3. H  

4. G

5. None of the above


• Tour one must include E and tour 2 must include A, as per the given question. 

• By following the condition 4, G cannot be placed in tour 2 with A. So, G goes into tour 1. 

• According to condition 3, F should be included in tour 1 along with E.

• And considering the condition one, B goes into tour 1.

• Applying condition 2 is only possible in tour 2 here in this case, because two slots are only available in tour 2. 

So the conclusion arrived will be:

Tour 1: E F H B G

Tour 2: A C D


Option 5 is correct, as none of the above options are included in tour 2. 

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Wipro Elite NLTH Recruitment - Quantitative Aptitude Placement Test Questions

Wipro Elite written exam consists of three sections. First section consists of Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability . The number of questions in this section are 30 and time allotted is 45 minutes. A candidate is tested not only on her general aptitude skills but also on her programming/coding abilities and communication skills. In this article we are concerned about type of quant questions that are asked in aptitude test.

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Wipro Elite NLTH 2019 Recruitment - Essay Writing Skills

In this blog, we will discuss the writing assignment given in the written test of Wipro Elite. Writing a concrete essay plays an important role while assessing the required skills for Wipro. Not just in Wipro Elite, a lot of other companies include essay writing or email writing in the written test round of their placement drives. Few companies include TCS, Capgemini, Mu-sigma, Tech Mahindra and IBM. The kind of format asked might differ depending upon the requirements of a specific company. Some widely asked approaches are Essay writing, Email writing, and Summarizing. Mu Sigma has a different pattern which asks you write a synthesis of the video shown.

Firstly, we'll look at the common elements in essay writing. Remember that an essay is written to express your opinion whereas, an email is written to state your purpose and summarizing is basically putting forth your understandings and takeaways from the piece of content that is given to you. For an essay to be ranked as well written, you must make it very clear. That is the person who is reading the essay should easily understand what you're conveying through the essay. An essay should have a logical flow to it which should guide the person reading your essay through your thought flow. It should be an essence of the totality of the topic. 

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