SQL Basic Questions with Answers

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is a language used to interact with the database, i.e to create a database, to create a table in the database, to retrieve data or update a table in the database etc.

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Campus Jobs - Questions on OOPS Concepts

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Facing the Personal Interview

It’s that time of your life when you’re in the vicinity of your dream. The campus recruitment season is around the corner and aren’t we all excited? Some must be feeling the heat but it’s totally fine. One burning question inside all your minds right now must be – “How to ace the personal interview? “

Interview – ladies and gentlemen, is your gateway to the career of your choice. To put it in simple words, an interview is the art of selling yourself. The interview is the market place where a product named ‘YOU ‘will be assessed by the buyer i.e., the interviewer based on your pitch which is your skill set or the Resume.

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SQL - Aggregate Functions and Examples

Aggregate functions in SQL are used to perform the calculation on data. These functions are inbuilt in SQL and return a single value.

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