Email Writing in TCS

In this Blog, we will discuss TCS Email Writing Section, which is a part of TCS Written Test. We have added Email Writing Examples along with answers in this blog. For Detailed TCS Recruitment Process, please check the link below

TCS Campus Recruitment Process

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Acing the group discussions

With the campus recruitment season now underway and the second round of MBA admissions about to kick-of, one thing on most aspirants’ minds is Group Discussions. Dreaded by many aspirants, Group Discussions evaluate you on your knowledge as well as communication skills. With number of applicants increasing for handful of opportunities, aspirants wonder how to make their point through and make their presence felt in fiercely fought group discussions. So, how do you make yourself stand out in a group discussion? Here are a few tips that will help you in better preparation.

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New trends in campus recruitment

Recruitment process of every companies involve one or other form of a writing assignment.

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Afraid of Interviews – three things to do to overcome your fears

Aah, just one more step  for you to cross and get that dream job........but...well, yes, you need to get through that final interview in flying colours to reach your goal!!

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Tips to Crack Aptitude Tests for Campus Placements 

The process of getting a campus placement can be likened to a hurdle race...where one has to overcome a series of hurdles to reach the finish line and get the coveted prize!! The first hurdle is definitely the recruitment exam conducted by the organisation.

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