SQL - Aggregate Functions and Examples

Aggregate functions in SQL are used to perform the calculation on data. These functions are inbuilt in SQL and return a single value.

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HR Interview Questions

With companies now set to visit college campuses, tension is palpable in the air. Students aspiring to get their dream jobs on campus - need to face a multi-tier selection process. Most company recruitment processes consist of Written Aptitude and Technical Tests followed by HR and Technical Interviews. Some companies like TCS & Tech Mahindra also include a Descriptive Writing (E-Mail, Essay) into their recruitment process. In all of these rounds, the one round that worries most students is the HR Interview round. In all other rounds, there are definitive right or wrong answers. Alas, it is not the case here. You cannot copy your friend's answer and while an answer might work for your friend, it might not for you. Further, given that 2017 is going to be a challenging year for placements, the HR Interview round could see a more stringent filtration process.

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JAVA Interview Questions for freshers  

String and Array concepts in Java

A programming interview will be incomplete without a question from Strings.

A String is nothing but a group of characters. Normally we represent String as a character Array. 

Java has an advantage in Strings. It gives a Nice String Class which wraps over the character Array giving a nice set of features and an easier interface to work with.

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JAVA Interview Questions and Answers

JAVA String and Array concepts

The array is one of the fundamental data structures in java , Array based questions are quite popular on Java interviews. We have also discussed JAVA interview questions on Arrays and Strings in this blog. 

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