IBM Campus Recruitment Process

With the Placement season starting soon, it is time for you to know everything about the companies that visit your Campus; more importantly their recruitment processes. Today, we would share one of the campus recruitment patterns of IBM that is used to select the candidates for this company. 

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Over the last couple of months Conduira Online has been aggressive in taking its mission of helping students to pursue their dream careers and jobs forward to new horizons. We thought we will share this journey with you.

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I am not a movie buff, and I am not comfortable in Telugu. However, if there are two heroes whose Telugu movies I enjoy watching, they are Pawan Kalyan and Jr. NTR.

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Is Virat, Sachin version 2, OR Sachin, Virat version - 1? This was an interesting question posted on my previous blog on Virat Kohli, and human capriciousness.

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Ask any GRE student, he would say that the word polytheism, comes from two Greek words - Poly, which means “many”, and theo, which means “God”.

Yesterday, the religion called cricket became polytheistic. Till yesterday, there was one god - Tendulkar - and yesterday, another was added – Kohli! He is the Cricket God- version 2.0.

Any follower of cricket would know that, we Indians are a capricious* lot – we are quick to declare people as gods, and then consign them to the hell, if these gods fail to keep their promise to us. (*someone whose mood changes quickly and without much reason – for the benefit of non GRE students :-))

When someone wins what we have (or thought) lost – they are our Gods. When someone loses what we have won – they are the Devils.

We ARE capricious! But there lies an important learning and opportunity. There have been times when we have tried something and failed. I am sure many of us remember our embarrassment when we were called onto the stage, and there our mind, spirit and the body – failed us – shamed us! We saw others laugh. We saw others – declare us as failure! And then we did not try going onto the stage again! Failure made us the devils – in our eyes, and in the eyes of the audience. And next time when we DO go onto the stage – they would – thanks to our previous experience – expect us to fail.

But, what would happen, if we WIN what THEY THINK has been LOST? They would embrace us also as Gods! So cheer up. Know your audience – and go and fight.

There is Kohli in each one of us. Give yourself and the world a chance to see that in US.

Kohli rocks! India rocks! And so shall we!  


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