Global MBA through GRE:

GRE is an exam that is conducted by ETS. When I ask students what is the difference between GRE and GMAT, the immediate answer I get is – the former is for MS, while the latter is for MBA.

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US Dream: It is still achievable

For any student planning to pursue education abroad, US has always been the Mecca. However, the recent events, especially since the start of Trump’s Presidency have cast heavy doubts in the minds of the Indian aspirants. Further, the talk of changes in the H-1B visa regime is equally confusing and frightening for them.

How are these changes going to impact you – a student? Let’s look at this objectively and understand the next step.

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GRE: How to select the right university

To select the right university, one should be sure of the final goal. What is the final goal post doing your MS? Job, of course, and a fat pay cheque. So, remind yourself of this always.

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GRE: The secret to high score

There are specific instructions for each question type in the GRE. You won't find any surprises in the exam. Familiarize yourself with the instructions during the preparation. Don't waste your time reading these in the exam. Here is a sample Quantitative Comparison question.

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GRE, IELTS and TOEFL: Planning a budget for MS student

You should know that there are multiple stages of expenses when you consider doing your MS abroad – Stage one is for applying (that is from the day you take the decision to go, to the time you land up there), and two – living costs there till you complete your studies.

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