Bank Exam Preparation: How to master the General Awareness Section?


How to master the General Awareness Section of Bank Exams 2018?

The phrase ‘General Awareness’ or ‘General Knowledge’ is loathed by many test-takers with the misconception that this section is the most mechanical one and at the same time, the most unknown one.

Unknown due to the fact that the amplitude of the General Awareness is so wide that it is difficult to put a number on this. Similarly, the other big blunder is that one assumes that one needs to by-heart General Awareness and that is impossible.

Why is this article relevant for IBPS / SBI Bank PO, RRB and Other Bank Exam Aspirants?

Almost all exams including IBPS POIBPS RRBSBI PO evaluate students on their knowledge of Banking General Knowledge and Current Affairs. This section is not only high scoring but also has high cut-offs. To ensure that you do well in this section, you need to ensure that you are regularly in touch with the latest news in the banking world and the economy.

This blog will clear the misconception in mastering the General Awareness section. At the end of the reading one will know the answers to the following questions.

QUESTION 1: Where would one start to prepare well for the General Awareness section and clear the cut-off? Do note that the cut-off for this section is generally higher than that in the other sections.

QUESTION 2: How does one learn the items in the General Awareness? Is it mandatory to by-heart the answers to the questions? Is it possible to develop a framework that helps in being aware of the specific regions of the General Awareness?

QUESTION 3: Most importantly, how does one maintain the intent and the tempo to sustain the process of learning in the General Awareness section?

In a concise way, the answer to QUESTION 1 is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). The answer to QUESTION 2 is interweaving a mesh of learning discrete issues in the General Awareness. The answer to QUESTION 3 is taking tests and creating newer ways of testing.

What is Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)?

FOMO is synonymous with social networking where one constantly stays updated with one’s account to be aware of what is going on in the circle of contacts that one maintains. Extend this to the General Awareness.

When one is aware of the things around one, then that is the first right step in learning for the General Awareness Section. And how does one stay aware of the things around?

You have the newspapers both the physical and the online ones. In the age of constant connectedness, it is not difficult to stay updated with an online newspaper, whether the general or the business specific.

If you are new to the reading, then don’t be specific about the topics. Read something and just be aware of the content in the item. Check the various heading that organize the content in the newspaper. Don't skip headings. Learn to read as much as possible. Improves reading and comprehensive also.

Example: A new drug on Diabetes... This might talk about generic drug market; US FDA; Make in India; NPPA and trade protectionism.

Now, this brings to the answer to the second question.

Can one learn in General Awareness by creating a framework?

Yes, it is possible to create a framework to provide direction in the learning. In CONDUIRA’S ways, it is creating a Subject and a Chapter. Consider the Subject, Banking and Economy. Here, you can have the Indian Economy and the World Economy. The Indian economy can have Chapters like the RBI, Banks, Banking Reforms, Banking evolution (read the Payment Banks and the NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Corporations)) and the state of Government reforms (Black Money chase, demonetization, digital economy, Jan Dhan Accounts).

World economy considers the US centric economy like the stand of US Fed on interest rates, trade protectionism and the G20, G7, BRICS bodies and their system of addressing income inequality. The World Bank and the IMF policies are very essential.

This way, one would be able to understand in a broad way the general economics at micro and macro levels.

The aforementioned list is just a sneak-peak. There are a number of areas to consider. So, then how does one remember all these? It is a web of events.

Can one create a web of events in the General Awareness?

A web of events is Interweaving the events that leads to learning in a linear and incremental way.

Consider this example: Black money to demonetization to digital economy to Panama papers to international agencies. Financial and inclusive development to elimination of terror.

Black money leads to a loss of legitimate income to the government in form of decreased tax net. This hits the government’s spending on social schemes like education, jobs and health-care. This is enough to create income inequality and lop-sided development.

Hence, fighting black money leads to development of the nation. When there is transparency in the system, the tax net widens and leads to development. More people in the society starts participating in the systemic and formal economy leading to creation of jobs and security. Hence, terror that is a result of seething discontent will go down an abyss. In this process, there are the governments, the international agencies, the whistleblowers, the tax treaties and the reforms on financial fronts.

When one is learning this way, one starts finding a cause and an effect relation and that creates a meaning. One will remember things in a better and in a more effective way.

What is the purpose of General Awareness in banking or Management tests?

To assist decision making. The firm expects that you will move up the echelons in firm. If you were to be a part of audit and approval of a very big loan to a power company, then how are you going to deal the case? The clues are Renewable versus conventional energy; Make in India; COP 21 Paris etc. If these terms sound alien, then you are not in the right trajectory.

How does one make the reading of General Awareness interesting?

Link the events to your life. Consider how they are going to affect your plans. For instance, credit score is being considered by SBI for selecting its hires.

Know about credit score, CIBIL (persons level), CRISIL and Moody's (Enterprise level and nation level). Another one is the IMF at nation level. This way when you find that you have a value addition to your career choice and decisions, you will start finding the issues interesting. Interest comes from value addition.

And, there is one big catalyst called as CONDUIRA ONLINE.

What is the role of CONDUIRA ONLINE in my learning of General Awareness?

All the aforementioned ideas will take time to implement. But, what if your test is just 30 days away? Is it the end of the road to the preparing the test? Absolutely Not.

CONDUIRA ONLINE is your saviour.

The system of distributing general awareness knowledge in Conduira Online is unique. What all are being said in the previous paragraphs are done by Conduira Online with a value addition. And, that is the Daily GK Digest, WEEKLY QUIZZES and the GK in DEPTH.

Daily GK Digest

Daily GK Digest factors in all the important events in perspective of banking based and management based tests like the IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, Clerks, SSC CGL, XAT, FMS and what all that are present. There are Snippets to explain important episodes. For instance, the Bitcoin and the Bitcoin cash. When India is an emerging Fintech hub, you should be aware of the various developments on the crypto-currency front and how this will change the face of traditional banking. There is a term defined every day to help one revise or learn the jargon related to banking and economy. Then, the questions which help you test your level of preparedness. And, the best part here is that there are solutions to help you create a web of learning as indicated in the previous paragraphs.

It is essential that one takes these Daily GK Digest very diligently and religiously. Take this challenge for a month and you will see how knowledgeable you are in General Awareness.

Weekly GK

These are like supplementary learning to include everything that is not a part of the Daily GK digest. As indicated, the learning of General Awareness is open-ended. Hence, by increasing the points of frequency of learning, one will learn more. One is learning every day and so is one, every week. Take these tests to close the leaks in your learning the important events that matter for that week.

GK in Depth

This section captures all the issues that are important for tests like the IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, SBI PO, Clerks, SSC CGL, XAT, FMS. This is a comprehensive learning to take the preparation to the next higher level.

Just check the array of issues covered at GK in Depth in Conduira Online. One finds Brexit, Budget 2017, Jallikattu, Bitcoin, RBI Monetary Policy, FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board), FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), Demonetization, Fintech, Simultaneous Elections, ISRO, Global warming and COP21, Judicial Activism, Glass Ceiling, US Policy under President Trump to just name a few.

Just imagine the quantum of information that one would get by reading the items where a series of questions are answered to help the reading both enterprising and interesting.

Parting Tip:

Conduira Online is there on website, Facebook, Twitter and all the others. This platform constantly interacts with the subscribers to update them on all issues related to the test and in this case, the General Awareness. Your job is to just subscribe to all the accounts of Conduira Online on all Social networking platforms and do the learning.

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