IBPS Clerk - Work Profile and Salary 2018 - A quick look


IBPS Clerks 2018 - Work Profile and Salary

Show me the work of a Clerk in a typical Bank:

Bank Clerks serve as the first point of contact sought by customers for inquiries and guidance. They handle deposit and withdrawal of cash by customers; receive demand drafts, cheques, pay orders, dividend warrants; issue ESI stamps and cash receipts; monitor the work of other bank clerks and the sub-staff; maintain record of balance on a daily basis; hold valuables of the bank in safe custody; balance tally, ledger maintenance, data entry; issue cheque books; market products and services of the bank.

Digitization - Is it a threat or a blessing to a Clerk?

Digitisation has simplified this post as most of the work can be completed on computers and by entering the daily transactions and other information served to customers. This doesn't mean that you will have no work to do. It just means that the mechanical work can be delegated to the machines. You can use your potential in an effective way by possibly entering the domain of decision making and process management.

Automation and digitization are for allowing the workers to attain their full potential. A few years back, a clerk was required to manually update the payrolls of a firm holding accounts with the bank. This is definitely not exciting. Now with automation taking this, you can actually be put into a job where it involves analyzing the spending of a customer. This will assist the bank in customization of their services. So, you might be asked to check if a particular customer has many bills that don't have ECS. In this case, the bank might suggest for auto-billing where there are freebees due to the digital onslaught in India post demonetization. Hence, the opportunities are endless and powerful, if you have the will to look for.

IBPS Clerk Salary - A few numbers:

The basic salary of a bank clerk ranges from Rs 11,765 to Rs 42,020 while the in-hand approximate salary per month is Rs 19,461. Here too, the salary will vary according to the location of posting. The perks include a dearness allowance, house rent allowance, medical allowance and other facilities.

Instruments to leap forward in the organization and to face disruption:

Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Banker (JAIIB) & Chartered Associate of Indian Institute of Banker (CAIIB) are a flagship Course of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance commonly known as IIBF, an Institute for professional excellence in the field of banking and finance. JAIIB/CAIIB Exam is conducted twice in a year. The course is based on various acts, latest circular and current practices followed by banks.

JAIIB aims at providing maximum level of basic knowledge in banking and financial systems, banking technology, customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations whereas CAIIB aims at providing advanced knowledge necessary for better decision making covering risk, financial and general bank management.


The tests offset the distance between you who might have joined as a clerk and someone who might have joined as a Probationary Officer. The assimilation of knowledge is necessary for getting promoted.

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