Admission Process 2018 - NMIMS - (PGDM/PGDM HR)


NMIMS - The Stage 2 (Case Discussion and Personal Interview) process in 2018:


Stage 2 is Case Discussion (CD) and Personal Interview (PI). This is only for the shortlisted candidates from Stage 1.

Stage 3 considers the academic performance, relevant work experience and other similar inputs from Stage 2. At this stage, it is mandatory to fill in the NMIMS application form at to confirm candidature. There is a need for preference (programme/campus).

The process (Case Discussion and Personal Interview) in 2017:

A case discussion happened among 12 participants and evaluated by 3 Panelists. A few minutes time was provided to read the case, followed by discussion and finally summarizing. The objective was to check if there was a consensus among the participants and how each participant was able to put forth one's discussion and contributed to constructive and progressive discussion of the case. The total time for this activity was around 30 minutes.

The SOP (Statement of Purpose) of about 300 words was paramount in the selection process as during the Personal Interview, the panelists gauged the candidate basing on this.

For MBA HRM program, there was a Case Study (Written Analysis), Case study (Discussion) and PI (Personal Interview). A case study was given to write a short answer (WAT) followed by a Case study discussion with about 12-14 participants followed by a PI with 3 panelists.

Some Experiences of the Case Discussion and Personal Interview in 2017:


Case Discussion: In a corporate firm, all of the budget for a new software development and training has been finished by the sales head. The IT and vigilance head found out that basic training was not provided to the resource team to handle the software which needs immediate attention. What should be the action plan. Also, there is an IT budget too, should it be shared or not ?

Personal Interview


Case Discussion: Reality shows these days are all about fame and money. One case was given regarding TRP of Colors TV, which has seen an escalation of 24% in past 2 years.

The question was - why should reality shows be banned?

Personal Interview


Case Discussion topic: The youth today do not go for high paying jobs and are entrepreneurs. Discuss what is different in them, and what can we learn from them.

Personal Interview


Case Discussion Topic : An antiques collector has a very important artifact which is believed to be bringing good luck to a tribe in the Amazon. But there is no scientific proof. If you are the collector, would you give the artifact back to the tribe? Ethics based...

Personal Interview


Case Discussion: Topic was regarding ethical dilemma faced by a Milk Producer in Madhya Pradesh with ambitions to export its products to European markets. We needed to discuss whether company should sacrifice its ethics, as advised by a consultant that they can bribe and get the clearances faster, for business gains. As the topics revolved around ethics, the points raised by group were almost similar and we ended up arriving at a conclusion in stipulated time.

Personal Interview

What is yours?

Fill your experience of the Case Discussion and Personal Interview in the comment section provided. Your information can help many others.

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