SCMHRD - MBA - Admission Process


SCMHRD - 2017 MBA Admission Process:

The process involved 3 rounds

  • Two WATs (essay writing) Total time: 30 minutes:
    • A photo was given and in about 300 words one was expected to write about it.
    • A tweet along with hash tag was provided and in about100 words one was expected to write about it. For instance, #NotMyPresident
  • Two Group exercises

Discuss a case study - Read & prepare for 5 minutes and discuss for 10 minutes.

Discuss on random/abstract topic- Arrive at a consensus in the end. Total time: 10 minutes

  • Personal Interview (PI) - Before PI or while conducting PI an extempore for 90 seconds was conducted. (1 minute to write down points and speak for next 4 minutes)

SCMHRD - 2018 Process:

Remains almost the same. Book a slot and appear for Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Exercise and Personal Interaction (GEPI) process.

The link:


Writing Ability Test -

  • Popular figures were shown in the video. Applicants were asked to discuss about the people who thought out of the box and brought changes in people's life.
  • A video on UID was shown and the video was to be discussed on UID's practicality and concept.
  • Freedom fighters of different nations were shown. To discus the top 5 qualities of leaders along with the question: Are leaders born or made?
  • Applicants were asked to decide the points to be successful in the corporate world after they were shown inspirational videos shown on Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani, Amitabh Bachhan, Lance Armstrong and Mahatma Gandhi.

Group Exercise -

  • Applicants were asked to choose the leader of a trade union out of the three prospective candidates whose personality traits were given.
  • Applicants were asked to select the president of a company from a list of three people whose personality traits, experience and brief introduction were given.
  • A group of friends wanted to do a business and all of them were working. They were in a dilemma whether to start it or not. Applicants were asked to discuss the pros and cons of starting a business and leaving jobs.
  • Applicants were asked to discuss the organization of a marketing conclave of a college within a given budget. Prioritize the activities giving reasons on the basis of challenges one would face while organizing the event.
  • A manager from a cookie company is finding it difficult to deal with the employees. Facts of case were given and as a consultant Applicants were asked to come out with solutions to deal with the problem.

Personal Interview -

Work experience related, extra-curricular activities, practical implications of final year projects, hobbies, academics, mistakes and lessons learnt, questions on subjects in graduation or work domain etc.

What is yours?

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