IIM Written Ability Test (WAT) Topics - Part I


IIM Written Ability Test (WAT) Topics - Part I

These are some of the Written Ability Test (WAT) topics in the admission process of IIM

  1. Firm A has laid off some employees and recruiter at competing Firm B suggests to hire those employees to extract trade secrets. Comment on this.
  2. The ratio of male and female in colleges is good. Then why is it not the same in corporate life. Mention the causes and solutions.
  3. Vocational training, Make in India, Skill India.
  4. Global warming has adverse effects on all species on the planet. Should we migrate to another planet? If no, suggest measures to mitigate the disaster.
  5. TV Serials have started showing Indian Mythology. Are they an effective way to spread awareness about Indian Mythology?
  6. Is social inclusion necessary for economic inclusion?
  7. Is women empowerment a hyped issue?
  8. India's performance in sports seems very poor. Should government give the authority to cooperate companies to train the athletes. Would it help?
  9. Longevity due to medical advancements has adverse effects on the demography.
  10. Ancient war strategies from ancient epics are relevant in modern business.
  11. Current era is known as "Age of the man" in respect to Usage of natural resources, atmospheric changes, Flora and Fauna. Do you agree or not?
  12. Your opinion on the effect of growth of e commerce sites on retails shops and outlets.
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