MBA - Second Stage admission process at IIM


Second Stage admission process at IIM

CAT 2017: First stage

The CAT 2017 has been conducted and the results have been declared. The IIMs have also declared their shortlists for the second stage admission process.

Second stage admission process at the IIM:

All the IIM, including the new ones, follow a generic WAT - GD/PI- Final selection process. The word 'generic' has been used to indicate minor changes that can happen this year at any of the IIMs.

What is the essence of the WAT?

Writing unravels a person's identity. A person can mask himself in the Group Discussion and Persnal Interview by using the standard techniques and the already prepared answers to the possible questions that would come up. Having identified this unfair competition, the admissions at the IIMs have included the Writing Ability Test. No matter how much coaching is provided to writing, one can write only the way one will. Hence, this is a sure way to test the psyche of the applicants.

What is the right combination in WAT?

Write your heart... The best emotion is the truest emotion. When one writes unalloyed, the writing truly reflects the strengths of that one. Hence, it is advisable to write with freedom. But, there is a caveat. Management is about Emotional Intelligence rather than trying to solve an equation. Hence, it is imperative to show a solution to the context and be optimistic. However adverse the situation might be, there is a way out. Finding sustainable solutions in path-breaking ways should be beacon of the WAT.

Consider this: Gender bias in portraying Women in Advertisements

There is definitely bias where the sexist psychology is at the fore. This is to gain more viewers which migh mean better business opportunities. Having said that, gender inequality is at its worst. The way forward is to either make the men more vulnerable than the women are like in United Benetton India advertisement or show women to be stronger than men are. For one who wishes equality, show men and women to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time - at the end, both are humans.

The flow is to provide the present scenario, point to defects, provide solution to address the defects and conclude pragmatically. Showing solutions is the way - don't create ruckus and another problem.

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For Group Exercise and Personal Interview strategies, please connect to the founders of Conduira and Conduira Online for the best strategies that one can get. 

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