SIOM, Nashik - GDPI-WAT 2017-18 experiences


SIOM Nashik:

Some of the students of Conduira share their experience in GE/PI/WAT of SIOM Nashik. Check these...

This is an experience of the Group Exercise/ Written Ability Test and Personal Interview at SIOM Nashik.

Written Ability Test (WAT) 

The Written Ability Test (WAT) was a 10-minute exercise and the topic was - Give an example of a situation in your daily life where operations management comes into play.

This was followed by a Group Discussion for 20 minutes.

Group Discussion

The topic was -  Your company dedicates funds for CSR every year. There are 2 proposals upon how to utilize this fund effectively:

  • Teaching Basic English and Maths for underprivileged kids in the city. This programme will be held 6 times in a year and will require 100% of your CSR fund.
  • Clean-up drive of the Godavari river. Your company will undertake this activity for a quarter period of its official working hours every day. Also it requires 85% of the total CSR fund.

As a Senior Manager of the company, what will be your choice?

Personal Interview

The Personal Interview was for 15 minutes. Some of the questions will be specific as they were profile based…

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Why are you interested in Operations management?
  3. What is a “bottleneck”?
  4. Your designation and role in your last job?
  5. A challenging situation in your profession.
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