SIBM, Pune - GDPI-WAT 2017-18 experiences



Some of the students of Conduira share their experience in GE/PI/WAT of SIBM, Pune. Check these...


The Case Discussion/Group Exercise was on a firm facing problems in marketing, operations, human resources, finance. What is the solution?

The Written Ability Test (WAT) was the summary of the Case Discussion topic and 5 key words.

The Personal Interview was entirely based on my private details filled in the application form and the profile sheet. The theme was about Emotional Intelligence.



The Group Exercise was on a case study where one needs to come up solutions in 4 departments Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations. The total time was 20 minutes.

The Written Ability Test (WAT) was a 10-minute exercise where an article was given and were told to write a summary in 100 words. The article was People post pictures on social media in form of status and fail to notice they were being judged basis on that.

The Personal Interview was for 15 minutes and some of the questions:

  • Why MBA?
  • Which companies you are targeting? Why?
  • If not MBA what is the other option?
  • Some current affairs! 2 panelists they tried to grill.

Overall it was a Decent experiences as guided by Conduira.



After the bio-metrics registration,IDs were given and this was followed by a briefing on the Institute. After this, the applicants were divided into groups of 7 to 9 students.


A business case study to discuss was given and the time provided was 20 minutes. We were also given a sheet which was divided into 4 blocks FINANCE,MARKETING,OPERATIONS, HR. The purpose of that sheet was that we have to discuss the case study and come up with conclusions basing on the four aforementioned perspectives.

Initially, I was just saying yeah, yes, I agree with him. But finally managed to speak a few points.I felt that I should have worked more on the case studies.

Written Ability Test (WAT):

The topic was on the given business case study. One was asked to write on some KEYWORDS from the case. We were given 10 minutes to complete this.

Personal Interview (PI):

This was the thing I liked and enjoyed the most. Before the interaction there was an extempore. We were given a word, a negative word and we have to come up with a few points(which should include the negative word) in a positive way. I was given the word HATE and I was sure that my points were impressive and yes the panelists were impressed.

The Personal Interview was a chilled interaction with jokes and laughing and it was fun.As I was related to a marketing profession in pharma I assumed I would get grilled on this.

But it was not a stressed one; they only asked very basic questions on pharma and I answered them all. They asked me some completely unrelated questions like "where is Mariana trench"and some questions like that.I answered some of them and simply said I don’t know if I couldn't answer them.

They even went on to ask if I have a Girl friend or if I drink and they were smiling all the way and friendly. They have also asked questions from the form that I filled.Overall the interaction was fun and some panels also had foreigners.

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