SCMHRD, Pune - GDPI-WAT 2017-18 experiences



Some of the students of Conduira share their experience in GE/PI/WAT of SCMHRD Pune. Check these...


The WAT (Written Ability Test) was for 30 minutes. The topics were:

  • There has to be one uniform global currency. Give 5 reasons each in support of and against to this statement. Finally, justify your stand.
  • Three pictures were given- a Facebook logo with a loud speaker on top, a picture of a person in chains and shackles (presumably a black) and a picture of cash bags and currency notes.

This was followed by the Group Discussion, 20 minutes each, and the topics were:

  • Should private partners be allowed to participate in government infrastructure projects?
  • You are to construct an underwater city. Give a brief plan on how you’ll go about with the number of residents, governing body, infrastructure etc. {A board can be used if necessary to explain.}

Finally, the Personal Interview which was for 20 minutes. The questions included:

  • What musical instruments do you play?
  • Some questions from engineering. {Intense}
  • Your greatest achievement in life.
  • A challenging situation in your previous profession. How did you cope up with it?


The Written Ability Test (WAT) had two exercises, photographs and their interpretation. This was followed by a Group Discussion on the topic - Are startups shutting down in India?

Then, there was a Case Discussion on Drink and Drive awareness. The Personal Interview was entirely based on my personal details.


There were two Written Ability Test (WAT) and the total time allotted was 30 minutes. The topics were:

  • Should some sites be blocked in college and office websites?
  • There were 4 pictures and one needs to write an essay by interpreting 4 pictures together.

One should write in favor and against with 5 points each. And need to write opinion in 100 words.

Then, there was a Group Discussion followed by a Group Exercise with the combined time of around 30 minutes.

The Group Discussion, 12 minutes, was -  Is loan waiver good for economy?

The Group Exercise, 15 minutes, was -  Plan three environmentally green products and how will you market them?

Finally, the Personal Interview lasted for 20 minutes. The questions were based on the state that I belong to along with a few current affairs. The process was like a conversation and no stress at all. There were two panelists in total.

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