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Some of the students of Conduira share their experience in GE/PI/WAT of NMIMS Mumbai. Check these...



There was a case analysis on if adopting pets would lessen the possibility of having heart strokes in already patients done with heart operations.

This was followed by a Group Discussion. The topic was to reach consensus and prioritize about the funding allotted to the university for the proposals made by them.

The Personal Interview was about the internship project on performance appraisal process and about how I would appraise the performance of an employee if there were biases in the process done by the superior. The personal interview was for 10-15 minutes.


The group discussion was on the case of Ethics in business (hacking of the websites of the MNCs).

The Personal Interview questions included tell me about yourself; marketing questions and how I would market a water bottle. The PI was for around 6-8 minutes.


In both the cases (MBA – HR and MBA – Core), it was a two-step process. First, there was a Case Study followed by a Personal Interview.


The Case Study - It was a ranking (group and individual ranking) based case.

5 minutes were provided to read the case followed by 20 minutes to discuss. The group consisted of 13 members. 

The Personal Interview lasted for around 15 minutes with 2 panelists. The following questions were asked:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why MBA in HR?
  • If you were to choose between HR and Core, which one will it be?
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Leadership experience
  • Responsibilities of a HR person
  • Any experience with a HR problem?

MBA Core

The Case Study - It was a HR Case related to sexual harassment at workplace. 5 minutes to read the case followed by 20 minutes to discuss. The group consisted of 13 members. It turned out to be a big time fish market. 

The Personal Interview lasted for 20-25 minutes with 3 panelists. The following questions were asked:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Work experience related questions
  • Questions on extra-curricular activities
  • I was asked to "sell a mobile phone" 
  • Why should we not take you?
  • If you were to choose between HR and Core, which one will it be?
  • Why NMIMS?
  • Some questions related to Donald Trump and Bitcoins.
  • Which field of MBA interests you?
  • Overall, MBA HR went very well. MBA Core was a pressure interview. 



Basically there were two rounds. 

  • Case Discussion
  • Personal Interview

In the Case Discussion we were grouped into 16 members and a case was provided to us. The case was - CAN CHANGE IN SEATING ARRANGEMENT ENHANCE THE OVERCROWDING AT DOORS OF TRAINS. 20 minutes was allowed to discuss.

Some of the questions in the Personal Interview (PI): 

  • Can you tell anything which was not mentioned in your SOP?
  • Being a fresher, a few questions related to graduation were posed. Also, a couple of questions from class 12.
  • On the specialization that I was interested to join in MBA. A few basic definitions were asked.
  • The questions were not too difficult for a person who has prepared well in his graduation basics.

The professors in PI (Personal Interview) panel and CD (Case Discussion) panel were not the same.  The interview was done on a serious note, as it was like a pressure interview and they tried to unsettle confidence by throwing serious expressions, raising voice and they were also intervening while I was answering the questions. They wanted to test the candidate's strength in basics and his/her ability to teaming confident during pressure.


The two stages were Case Discussion (CD) and Personal Interview (PI). At first, the required documents were collected from each and every candidate.  Then, all the candidates were grouped with 12 people per group.

Case study:

The case study was about an ethical-dilemma.

“Your daughter is seriously ill and she is with your wife at your home.  You are at your office. You are the only ray of hope to save her life. Urgently, you rush to the hospital and you hit an old lady at a deserted place. She dies before you notice. What would you do now?”

There were 12 people and 15 minutes given for discussion and 5 minutes to frame our thoughts. It became a times now debate. The unfortunate thing is that one person has concluded from all of us and we gave a single solution to the case study.


The interview panel had 3 ladies.

The questions faced:

  • What is the story behind your name?
  • Why MBA to do agriculture in internet era?
  • What is Gramin bank?
  • Micro Finance?
  • Asked me about my pilot project.
  • Why MBA?
  • Why did you work in TCS and later joined in your father’s company?
  • Whom do you prefer person with content or expression? This came up I was asked whether I listen to music or not.
  • After I had said about my favorite singer. She asked me why she didn’t win Grammy? I told the music of singer who won Grammy is catchier.
  • Then asked me if you are in our shoes, who do you select as the winner of the Grammy?


The first thingwas document verification. This was followed by the Case discussion containing 14 members with an evaluation of panel of 3 members (two men and one lady).


20 minutes was provided and the split is 5 minutes for reading the Case and 15minutes for the discussion. Everyone in the discussion got a chance to speak and present the views.

The topic for Case discussion - 

Ankita has to give a promotion to one of the managers. 

One is Mori, 30 years, a tribal with 4 years of experience in the company and 8 years of industrial experience. She has good relation with Ankita and worked on many projects. If she is promoted, she would be the first tribal women to reach heights and inspiration for the community.  She is an average performer with high energy levels and if promoted organisation will benefit.

Second, Mohan, 54 years, has 20 years of experience in the same company and with 25 years of total experience. He isan average performer with medium energy levels. He was promoted many times but he hadn’t accepted due to relocations. But now he is ready for promotion. Other senior managers recommended him to be promoted. Other important thing is that his daughter got engaged with vice president’s son and soon getting married.

Ankita, was in great dilemma whether to select Mori or Mohan, as the decision could lead to grievances and affects her future even. On the midnight, she got a call from Mori that she was in serious need of money as her son met with an accident.

What should Ankita do now? Whom should she promote?

This was followed by the Personal Interview.

The interview of each candidate went for about 10 to 15 minutes. 


P1: A man of about 40 years asking why MBA question for everyone.

P2: A man of 55 years and mechanical dept.

L: Young  lady with IT experience.


I just entered the room and the very first question by P1 was the meaning of my name.

Me: I have explained the meaning of my name.

P1: Inquired about my background and the aspirational aims that I have. Then, I was asked about my hobbies to which I have answered as  blogging, writing and reading articles and novels.

L: What is the meaning of a blogger?

L: Which articles do you write?

me: I told her the topics I have written and she wanted to know furthermore.

P2: Asked me what is women empowerment as I mentioned in my SOP.

me: well, ready for the question and answered.

L: What do you want to become and question on my career objective.

me: answered them very fluently as it was telling about myself.

L: she again asked me about the surveys I have done

me: I told her the surveys and their reports and even my events which I have organised.

p1: Questioned on being free after nine months after graduation.

p2: Questions about my internship.

me: I was very busy with my MBA test preparation, and then joined the internship and answered regarding my intern role and company.

P1: Why MBA? Why don’t you have some industrial and practical experience and then join MBA?

me: I told him my practical experience with the project I have done and then how my graduation laid  path for this MBA and choosing this career.

L: Then comes union budget question on the schemes for rural women.

me: I told her politely I was busy with my work and I was not really aware of the schemes of this year but known last year nirbaya etc..

L: not even one scheme? (L was very surprised, so be aware of the latest economic happenings in India at least.)

me: Sorry madam. 

Finally, that was a fabulous experience and the people were quite interactive. 

Experience 6:

This is about CD/PI experience at NMIMS. Initially, we were divided into groups of utmost 15 students per group. A case study of around 300 words was given. We were asked to study the case for 5 minutes and discuss for 15 minutes afterwards. The case was about classification of jobs and their scope in the future. The case seemed to be pretty overwhelming to all of us, and we all hesitated to begin. After some time, another girl introduced the topic and the discussion took off. For the first 10 of 15 minutes, I could not speak as few other students were continuously speaking. But then, I spoke and made a point, which caused a paradigm shift in the entire discussion. From then onwards, I made sure that I remained active. The best part of the case discussion was that nobody tried to dominate the others. It is probably the best that I’ve ever seen.

Then, we were asked to wait for our personal interview. We had 3 panelists and they had fixed areas on which they asked us questions:

Panelist 1: Concentrated on current affairs from the beginning of the interview to the end. She dominated the interview.

Some of her questions:

  • Since you are a student of Computer Science Engineering, name two women CEOs in the field of I.T.
  • Name the top two technologies I.B.M. developed in the last 3-4 years and explain their scope and utility.
  • What is the golden quadrilateral?
  • Capital of Manipur. Recent news about Manipur.

Panelist 2: Concentrated on Visakhapatnam.

  • Name 2 good things and 2 bad things about Visakhapatnam.
  • Since Visakhapatnam is a port, name two other ports in the country.

Panelist 3: Concentrated on my Statement of Purpose

Some of her questions:

  • You mentioned that you counsel your friends, how do you do that when you say that you recently got to know about their problems?
  • You mentioned the term “Management Gurus”. Define it.
  • Name two famous Management Gurus in the world.

Overall: They tried to put a lot of pressure and were successful, as I couldn’t answer many questions, especially by Panelist 1. But I kept my cool and tried my best to answer them. And when I was clueless about something, I was honest.


The Case Discussion was on Regular jobs and knowledge based jobs. Future prospects.

The points I've mentioned were related to agriculture sector, few statistics about people involved, GDP contribution, the announcements in the budget in favour of the sector and that skill development programs have to be conducted more often to tackle the decrease in the number of regular jobs. More than 50% of the discussion revolved around the points I've mentioned. 

Personal Interview:

I was the last one to be interviewed in my panel. They have asked questions regarding my academics for which I've said my well prepared answer. Later on they have asked me about latest business news for which I've mentioned about PNB fraud by Nirav Modi. They have asked me anything else that I like or follow. So I've mentioned about Reliance Jio and its progress. They have asked me about the changes after Jio came into picture, its competitors and what I like about it. I could answer well and mentioned about the mergers. They have asked me about digital marketing definition, different ways. I 've answered to that as well. They asked if I follow any websites for which I've said that I like BloC by Business Line and read selective articles from Guardian. 

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