IMT, Ghaziabad - GDPI-WAT 2017-18 experiences


IMT, Ghaziabad

Some of the students of Conduira share their experience in GE/PI/WAT of IMT, Ghaziabad. Check these...

Experience 1:

This is about a Group Exercise and Personal Interview experience at IMT in the mid-February of 2018. The whole process went very smoothly. It started with document verification and then critical thinking test for 20 minutes.   The topic was - Will Telecom companies take long time to acquire profits if they continue providing free voice and data.

And then the applicants were divided into panels for a group task for 30 minutes. The topic was -  Present a scenario on electrical cars to convince policy makers

The exercise was to show our team management skills and creativity by representing it on charts.

The interview panel had only two male panelists and they quickly went through my application form. Some of the questions were (note that certain questions will be specific as they are profile based):

  1. Why B.Sc. and why not B. Tech.?
  2. What are your subjects in B.Sc.?
  3. What did you learn in Economics?
  4. Can you talk about any one topic in Economics?
  5. Personal abilities and hobbies
  6. Why MBA?
  7. Work experience of 10 months in an NGO.
  8. When there are people with 3-4 years of work experience, why should we consider you?
  9. Why IMT for your MBA ?

CONCLUSION: The whole interview went for 20 minutes and they said that my profile was very refreshing and it was so good to talk to me and then asked me to leave. The whole experience was very similar to the Conduira's mock interviews and it helped me to perform well.


Experience 2:

Written Ability Test (WAT)

The topic: Indian society looks to be modern but inherently it is an old fashioned.

Group Exercise (GE)

The task is to design a library for the college where the visitor engagement should be higher. The group contained 12 members.

Personal Interview (PI)

The interview was pretty good. The panel was of two members, a lady and a man. Most of the questions were based on my work experience. Tell me about yourself and Why MBA also figured in the list.

I was asked about the newspaper or magazine which I read daily. Also, about the most recent economic news to which I have explained about the Budget 2018.


Experience 3:

I have been shortlisted for the interview of IMT Nagpur. After certificate verification, there was a Writing Ability Test on the topic, DEALING WITH UNCERTAINITY AND RISK LEADS TO SUCCESS OF AN ENTREPRENEUR

The word limit was set to 250-300 words for the topic. We were asked to take one stand and support it with valid examples. I supported the statement with few examples.

After WAT, the people were divided into four groups for the group activity. We were given a situation and asked to discuss on that for 30 minutes, while the evaluators were just watching us. The topic for our group was about a new food delivery service that is trying to make a mark in the city. We were give stationery and were asked to design anything, whichever is the best possible way to canvas about the food delivery service. There was a bit of chaos, after smooth start. Finally, after 30 minutes, we were sent out of the room leaving behind all the work we did with stationery.

Final round was the Personal Interview. My interview went on for 10 minutes. There were two interviewers. Firstly, I was asked the following questions:

  • Meaning of my name
  • Why MBA without working?
  • About the Group activity and my role in it.
  • Name a few food delivery services.
  • Who was the chief guest for 2018 republic day in India?
  • I have only opted for IMT Ghaziabad and IMT Nagpur, so, there was a sarcastic question: I think you don't like people of Telangana and is that the reason for you not opting for IMT Hyderabad?
    • And the questions that followed were: 
    • Name few chip manufacturing companies. 
    • Why do you think there are very few chip manufacturing companies in the world?
    • Difference between AC and DC power followed by working of an Air Conditioner
  • I mentioned writing stories as my hobby in the application, so, they asked me to name a few famous story writers in India.
  • Which film industry is better, Telugu or Hindi?
  • The penultimate question was something about India like the number of states and why Delhi is a UT.
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