New IIMs - GDPI-WAT 2017-18 experiences


New IIMs 

Some of the students of Conduira share their experience in GE/PI/WAT of New IIMs . Check these...

Experience 1:

WAT topic:

Air pollution is seen in several parts of the country. Mention the causes for it. Suggest the measures to be taken to bring it under control. (20 minutes, about 300 words)

Personal Interview:

There were 2 panelists in the panel. The first thing they’ve asked me is to talk about a topic giving me a minute to think. The topic - It is sometimes better to lie than to tell the truth

Later on they’ve asked me about the other calls I got and the interview dates. Also they’ve asked me whether I got placed in campus placements. When I said I got two job offers - one in the core and the other in a software company. I was asked about my preference.

I replied by saying that my goal is to convert the calls I received so far, but if in case I don’t get through these I like to work in the core company because that’s related to my subjects and I feel I would excel in that.

Then, I was asked about my favorite subjects in B.Tech. I mentioned two of them and then I was asked a basic question related to one of the subjects. Then, the interview panel moved to extra – curricular activities and later they’ve asked me whether I’ve organized any sort of event where I exhibited leadership skills. I mentioned one.


Experience 2:

The Interview was a stress free one. A few questions appeared stressful due to the nature of the questions. But, there was bonhomie from the interview panel. Some of the PI questions

  • What is your first name? What should we call you?
  • What is your branch in B. Tech?
  • Why did you choose your branch?
  • Why poor performance in academics?
  • How do you explain your branch in 3 sentences to a non-technical person?
  • What is the importance of instrumentation in the industry?
  • About extra-curricular activities
  • About CAT percentile and previous attempts
  • Why MBA?
  • About calls from other IIMs including the older and the top ones.
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