Adaptive Testing and Item Response Theory


What is an Adaptive Test? Why should I take one?

When students take a test, there is one question that is on top of their minds - "How good am I?". In a traditional test, the test creator sets a paper and all the students get the same set of questions. If a student has prepared very well, he might score 100% in the exam. Someone who doesn't prepare at all might even score a 0% if the test is difficult. But, these don't really tell us anything about where exactly you are. They just tell how you are in the limited number of questions given to you. 

An Adaptive Test is very different. Every student gets a paper that is personalized. When the test sees that you have prepared well, it starts giving you tougher questions that challenge you. If the system notices that you haven't prepared well, it starts offering simpler questions. That way, every student gets an opportunity to solve questions matched to their level of preparation. At every point in the test, the system will tell you its estimate of your preparedness level. A 100-percentile means that the system thinks that you are very good in that area and can answer almost any question. A 50-percentile means that you will be able to handle questions which are at the average level and so on.

When you start taking an Adaptive Test on ConduiraOnline, you will see an information section on the right-hand side which tells you how your percentile is going to change depending on your response to the current question. The Adaptive Test runs on an engine based on Item Response Theory, a very sophisticated analytical model that stems from several decades of research in psychology. 

Before we get started, let me share an important fact - our system tries to know your level of preparedness. A few wrong answers or a few correct answers won't suddenly change the estimate. After the first 5-10 questions, most students will notice that the percentile doesn't fluctuate much. And, that is a good thing. In the coming days, you will begin to see tests which can come with good assessments even sooner.

I hope that you will see these tests as educative and fun. Do share your thoughts with us on what you think about the Adaptive Testing Experience.

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