Five tips to land your dream job


Tips to Ace your Dream Job

A few of your friends might have decided to pursue higher education in India or Abroad. Some of them might have decided to change their field and move into management. Some might have started learning the hottest technologies out there.

Are you finishing your pre-final year exams and about to enter the final year of graduation? You might have a lot of questions in your mind. A few of your friends might have decided to pursue higher education in India or Abroad. Some of them might have decided to change their field and move into management. Some might have started learning the hottest technologies out there.

You might be a student from a core technical branch angling for a job in the IT sector or a IT/CSE student looking to get into one of the tech majors, an engineering or a pharma major or a commerce/management graduate – this five-point plan applies for all of you. If you have decided that you want to get a job, here are five things that you need to do in this summer break.

Tip 1 – Gain Mastery in your Core Subjects

Dust up those text books from the past 2-3 years – gain mastery in at least two to three of the core subjects to an extent that you would be able to answer most questions from that topic. Do not confine yourself to the theoretical aspects alone – explore the practical possibilities too. Look for open source projects online and see if you can build on your practical knowledge. This will definitely make you apple of the recruiter’s eye.

Tip 2 – Go Beyond Academics – Internships & Seminars

Have you interned in your previous summers? Do you have experience of participating in any paper presentation competition or seminars? If not, it is never too late. Get started right away! Get yourself an internship in a company from a sector that you wish to get a job in. Participate in live projects and college festivals. Think beyond your course curriculum – every step beyond that proves that you are somebody who is interested in learning and exploring new things. And quick learner is someone that companies vouch for.

Tip 3 – Online Courses are your best friends

Are you looking for a job in the IT sector? Do note that this year, getting into one is not going to be easy – but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You just need to prepare more. Get yourself enrolled in some of the online courses available at Coursera or other MOOCs. Note that understanding of Digital Media marketing and Data Sciences are the skills for future besides programming courses. Get yourself a certificate in these and walk your way into some of the most prestigious companies. This holds true for Computer Science as well as Non-Computer Science graduates. And if you are seeking a job in IT sector, programming knowledge is an absolute must in addition to knowledge of some of the basic algorithms. If for whatever reason, you are not comfortable writing code – relax, it takes only a few months to gain basic proficiency. But getting started is a must. Go ahead and do it!

Tip 4 – Prepare for the Written Aptitude Rounds

Most companies (in fact almost all) use aptitude test as a Round 1 screening process. These tests often consist questions from Math, Reasoning and English usage. While the level of the tests is not comparable to other aptitude tests like CAT or GRE, these are by no means a push-over. Given the time limits and high amount of competition – preparation is essential to do well in these. Remember that you will be competing against your classmates – people who are just as good as you are. You need to sweat it out to beat them.

While the basic concepts are the same, each company adds its own twist to the examination. Some companies have an essay section. A few have programming tasks. Some companies including objective questions on technical topics. Know which companies are likely to visit your campus and know what they are looking for. This is where portals like ConduiraOnline can help you. Read about the examination patterns. Practice mock exams to get a feel for the exam.

Tip 5 – Improve your Communication Skills

The entire recruitment process is a selection mechanism and not a rejection mechanism. Corporates are facing a major shortage of talented professionals – they are looking for hardworking students with an ability to learn – if you can give them reasons to select you – they would be more than happy to recruit you. But it is your responsibility to convince them that you are good enough. And that takes more than just technical skills.

You need to be able to communicate your skills as well – and that requires you to be able to converse in English comfortably and interact with others during various group tasks. Though easier said than done, I have seen hundreds of students improving their abilities in two to three months – start reading books, start conversing in English and as we say here at Conduira – start thinking in English and make it your first language. If need be, download a few apps that can help you with your vocabulary – we provide one – Vocab Prep that you can download from the Google Play Store.

Finally, don’t wait for someone else to help you. Your college might conduct programs to help most of their students. But, that might not serve all your needs. It is always better to be in control of your destiny and take steps to make yourself employable. Make full use of the resources provided by your college. In addition, do whatever extra you need to make sure that you can succeed. Your collegemates are your competitors. Doing what everyone else is doing can only make you average. Do something extra to stand out from the crowd.

All the best!

This article - authored by Mr P V Rama Sasank, was originally published in Telangana Today on 26th March 2018.


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