SBI PO/Clerk Mock Test Analysis


Mock Test Analysis for SBI PO/Clerk Exams


The much-awaited notifications for major bank exams such as SBI PO and JA have been released recently. In our previous blogs, we have taken you through the exam pattern and strategies to do well in these exams. In all our articles, we suggested that you start with concepts and start attempting Mock Tests a month or two before the test. One thing you would have noticed is that most trainers advise you to spend more time on analyzing your test performances than on just taking tests. But what does analyzing your test performances mean? While you should certainly track the improvement in your scores test over a test, is that all to Analysis? Successful students do a much more in-depth analysis. In this article, I would take you through a few things to keep in mind when you start analyzing your mock test performances. 

Understanding the basics and importance of mock test analysis

Firstly, remember that in most of these competitive exams, being able to score a little more than half the total marks should allow you to cross the cut-offs. In a typical Prelims exam for Banking Recruitment, this would translate to a score of around 60. Please note that all the questions are not of equal difficulty and the challenge is to identify 60 easy questions to attempt correctly in the 60 minutes. Therefore, when you are analyzing your performance, identify the following kinds of questions –  

  1. Easy Questions that you have not attempted - This first set of questions represent an opportunity loss – figure out why did you not attempt these questions – was there something about the question you understood wrongly and therefore overestimated the difficulty? Make a mental note not to miss these kinds of questions in future tests. 
  2. Easy Questions that you attempted but incorrectly - You should minimize the number of questions in the second category – they are a crime. Easy questions – even if they are from your areas of weaknesses, should be attempted and attempted correctly. Figure out your mistake – whether it was a silly mistake or is there a gap in your knowledge. These are the gaps that you should immediately plug before you take the next mock test. Make sure that you are comfortable with easy questions across all topics.  
  3. Difficult Questions that you have attempted on most online preparation websites ( like Conduira Online) - This third category represents the set of questions that you should not have attempted – it is smart to leave these questions. When analyzing, try to understand what drew your attention to these questions and why did you think that these were easy? Make a note of the same so that you would not repeat this in the tests to come. 
  4. Questions that you have attempted correctly -  Check out if you have been able to do them faster than the competition. Check out the solutions given to identify faster ways of solving these questions. These are questions that represent your strength but only if you can do them quickly. During practice sessions, try to improve your speed in this category of questions.
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Attempt vs Accuracy

In every test, your objective is simple – you should be able to identify and attempt correctly all the easy questions and not attempt the difficult ones. 

There are two metrics that help you in the analysis above – Attempt% and Accuracy%

Attempt% = Number of questions attempted / Total number of questions

Accuracy% = Number of questions correctly attempted / Total number of questions attempted  

  • Topics, where you have a low attempt% but high accuracy%, are your areas of opportunity – you should try and attempt more questions on these topics.
  • However, topics where you have a high attempt% but low accuracy% signifies false confidence – you think that you are good in these topics, but numbers suggest otherwise. You should be more cautious when choosing questions from these topics to attempt. 
  • Topics with high attempt% and accuracy% represent your strengths while those with low accuracy% and attempt% are your areas of weaknesses. 
  • Test after test, record how your performance is in different topics and identify which topics fall into which of these zones.
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Every successful test taker has a good understanding of his/her strengths and weaknesses. In your practice sessions, you should to try and consolidate your strengths by improving your speed and improve your areas of weaknesses by going back to basics. 

At Conduira, we believe that success in competitive exams is as much a function of your knowledge as it is of your test-taking strategies. Once you start attempting mock tests, make sure that you spend a good amount of time analyzing your performance by following the strategies suggested above. I am sure that you will start seeing progress in no time. All the best! Fight on!!

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All the best!

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