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Capgemini Placement Papers - Quantitative Aptitude 

Is Capgemini visiting your campus soon? Are you looking for resources to ready yourself for the placement challenge? Here are a set of Quantitative Aptitude practice questions based on previous years’ Capgemini Placement Papers

Capgemini written test consists of five sections - Quantitative Ability, Reasoning Ability, pseudo code round and Essay Writing. Quantitative Ability section of Capgemini consists of questions based on ratio & Proportions, Time & distance, profit & loss, averages, mensuration, and geometry. For complete recruitment pattern, click here CapGemini Campus Recruitment Pattern.

Also, do check out Eligibility Criteria for Capgemini.

Capgemini Quant Questions

1. The cost price of 8 articles is equal to the selling price of 5 articles. What is the profit percentage obtained by the shopkeeper?

a) 40

b) 50

c) 45

d) None of these

Answer/ Explanation: d) None of these

Let the cost price of one article be x. Cost price of 8 articles = 8x

Selling price of one article = (8x/5)

Profit = SP - CP = (8x/5) - x = 3x/5

Profit % = (3/5) ×100 = 60%

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2. The average marks of three students A, B & C is 50. When another student D joins the group, the new average becomes 45. If another student E who has scored 6 marks more than D joins the group, the average of the 4 students B, C, D & E becomes 50 marks. How many marks did A score in the exam?

a) 46

b) 16

c) 36

d) 30

Answer/ Explanation: b) 16

Since the average marks of A, B & C is 50, A+B+C = 50×3=150   ---------- (1)

New average marks with D =45, A+B+C+D=180

From the above equations, D=30

So, E =36

Since, the average of 4 students B, C, D & E is 50, B+C+D+E=200

Hence, we get B+C=134

From Equation 1, A=16

3. A computer prints 24960 lines in a day. If the computer works for 8 hours in the day, how many lines does it print in a minute?

a) 52

b) 480

c) 42

d) 470

Answer/ Explanation: a) 52

Number of minutes in 8 hours=8×60=480

Number of lines printed in a minute=24960/480=52

4. An 18 storied building has 24000 sq. feet on each floor. Company A rents 8 floors and company B rents 5 floors. What is the area of the floor space that has not been rented? Answer in sq. feet

a) 120000

b) 1200000

c) 12000

d) 1200

Answer/ Explanation: a) 120000

Total number of floors rented=8+5=13

Space that is not rented=18-13=5×24000=120000

5. Eight litres of water is added to 24 litres of a solution containing milk and water in the ratio 3:1. What is the ratio of milk to water in the resulting solution?

a) 9:4

b) 4:9

c) 7:9

d) 9:7

Answer/ Explanation: d) 9:7

The initial amount of water and milk in the solution is 18L and 6L respectively as the given ratio is 3:1.

Now, 8L of water is added to the solution. So the new amount of water and milk becomes 18L and 14L.

So, the new ratio of milk to water = 18:14 = 9:7

6. The area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in a particular circle is What is the area of the circle in sq. cm?

a) 1323

b) 1232

c) 1322

d) 1233

Answer/ Explanation: b) 1232

The diagonal of the rectangle is equal to the diameter of the circle.

The largest rectangle occurs when the sides of the rectangle are equal making it a square.

A line passing from the center will always make a right angle at the perimeter of the circle.

Let the side of the square be a. Area of square is a²

a²=784; a=28 cm

Hence, the diameter of the circle=28×√2


Area of the circle=πR²

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7. If a clerk can process 90 cheques in a day, how many cheques can she process in 8 and a half days?

a) 765

b) 756

c) 766

d) 676

Answer/ Explanation: a) 765


8. If the digits in a father's present age are reversed, we get the age of his son. If one year ago, the father's age was twice that of his son, find the present age of the father in years.

a) 73

b) 37

c) 63

d) 36

Answer/ Explanation: a) 73

Let father's present age be xy=10x+y

If the digits are reversed, son's age=10y+x

Father's age, 1 year ago, 10x+y-1

Age of the son,1 year ago, 10y+x-1

According to the equation, 10x+y-1=2(10y+x-1)

By trial and error method, one can arrive at the present ages of father and son as 73 and 37 respectively. Age of father is 73

9. By increasing his speed by 10km/hr, a person reduced his travel time from 40 minutes to 32 minutes. How much time does he take to cover 60 km with his new speed?

a) 1.2 hours

b) 2.4 hours

c) 1 hour

d) 3 hours

Answer/ Explanation: a) 1.2 hours

Let the initial speed be S1 km/hr and final speed be S2 km/hr respectively.

According to the question, S1(40/60)=(S1+10)(32/60)

5S1=4S1+40; S1=40; 

Time taken to cover 60 km= 60/50=1.2 h.

10. The dimensions of a miniature ship model in the form of a cuboid are 21 cm ×12 cm ×15 cm. If each of these sides increases proportionately in the ratio of the original sides, then the sum of the new dimensions equals 208 cm, what will be the increase in its shortest side in cm?

a) 12

b) 10

c) 30

d) 40

Answer/ Explanation: d) 40 cm

Increase in each of the sizes is going to be in the ratio 21:12:15 which is 7:4:5

According to the question, 

(21 + 7x) + 12 + 4x + 15 + 5x = 48 + 16x = 208

16x = 160; x = 10

Increase in shortest side = 4x = 40 cm

11. There are three kids in my neighborhood who steal chocolates from my shop. A kid steals half the total number of chocolates from my shop. The second kid comes and steals half the remaining number of chocolates and so on. After the third kid has stolen, there are 4 chocolates left in the shop. What was the total number of chocolates in the beginning?

a) 32

b) 48

c) 16

d) 20

Answer/ Explanation: a) 32

Let there be x number of chocolates in the beginning.

After the first kid stole the number of chocolates left = x/2 

After the second kid stole, the number of chocolates left = x/4

After the third kid stole = x/8

According to the equation,

x/8 = 4; x = 32

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12. The average salary of 3 workers is 2500. One earns 1500, the second earns 4500, how much does the third person own?

a) 1500

b) 3000

c) 6000

d) 7500

Answer/ Explanation: a) 1500

Since the average salary of three workers is 2500, total of the salaries = 3 × 2500 = 7500

Salary of the third person = 7500 - (1500+4500) = 1500

13. In a month, a programmer at Capgemini spends 1/8th of his time preparing a flow-chart, 2/7 of his time programming and 1/2 of his time debugging. If 26 hours are left over after all these activities, what is the amount of time a programmer has in total?

a) 56

b) 65

c) 121

d) 112

Answer/ Explanation: d) 112

According to the question,

(1-(1/8 + 2/7 + 1/2))x = 26

x = 112 hours

14. Rajath's company owns 2/3rd of the market share in mobiles. He sells 5/6ths of his shares for 25000. What is the overall market value of Mobile business?

a) 55000

b) 25000

c) 45000

d) 40000

Answer/ Explanation: c) 45000

Let x be the total market value of the business.

According to the question,

(2/3)(5/6)x = 25000

x = 45000

15. If the radius of a right circular cone is doubled, keeping the other factors constant, how does the volume change?

a) 400% increase

b) 4% increase

c) 300% increase

d) 3 % increase

Answer/ Explanation: c) 300% increase

Volume of a right circular cone is (1/3)πr²h

If the radius is doubled the volume becomes (4/3)πr²h

% increase = 300

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