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Capgemini Aptitude Questions & Answers Online for Freshers

Capgemini 2018 Aptitude Test Papers: A global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services, Capgemini is estimated to have over 200,000 employees with 100,000 in India itself. The Group reported global revenues of EUR 12.5 billion in the year 2016. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology, and digital solutions that fit the people's needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. Learn more about the Capgemini profile & key figures here.

The selection process of Capgemini consists of 3 rounds:

1.Written Round

2.Group Discussion Round

3.Technical and HR Round

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Capgemini Written Exam consists of 3 sections - Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability. The Capgemini Campus Recruitment Process is a four-round process and it tests your qualification befitting the job. Below are few practice questions on aptitude test based on previous Capgemini placement papers. Read on to find out the rigour and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Capgemini placement papers for freshers.

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Capgemini Aptitude Sample Question 1: The average marks of three students A, B & C is 50. When another student D joins the group, the new average becomes 45. If another student E who has scored 6 marks more than D joins the group, the average of the four students B, C, D & E becomes 50 marks. How many marks did A score in the exam?

a) 46

b) 16

c) 36

d) 30

Answer: (b)


Since the average marks of A, B & C is 50

=> A+B+C = 50×3=150 --------------------------- (I)

New average marks including D is 45

=> A+B+C+D= 45x4= 180 ------------------------(II)

From the above equations, we get D=30

So, E =36

Since, the average of 4 students B, C, D & E is 50

=> B+C+D+E= 50x4= 200

Hence, we get,


From Equation (I), A=16

Capgemini Aptitude Practice Question 2: A computer prints 24960 lines in a day. If the computer works for 8 hours in the day, how many lines does it print in a minute?

a) 52

b) 480

c) 42

d) 470

Answer: (a)


Number of minutes in 8 hours=8×60=480

Number of lines printed in a minute=24960/480=52

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Capgemini Aptitude Sample Question 3: A tie-breaker happens is an additional contest/game time to decide the winner between two parties (A & B) when both of them stood on equal scoring at the end of a match/ game. Which of the following is the best example of a tie-breaker?

a) The referee has tossed a coin to see who is going to have the ball first.

b) Team A and B each have finished with 20 points and are now battling out in a five-minute over time.

c) Raman and Rajath have each scored 5 goals in the game at half-time, the score is tied at 57.

Answer/ Explanation: (b)

Capgemini Aptitude Sample Question 4: What is the next letter in the series B, E, H, K, N, __ ?

a) O

b) H

c) Q

d) N

Answer/ Explanation: (c)

B + 3 = E

E + 3 = H

Hence, N + 3 = Q

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Capgemini Aptitude Sample Question 5: Find the incorrect phrase:

The fact of me being an attorney does not excuse me from my conduct.

a)The fact of me

b) being an attorney 

c) does not excuse

d) me from my conduct

e) No correction required

Answer/ Explanation: (c) The fact of me

The sentence should be rewritten as 'the fact that I am an attorney'

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