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Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Learn more about Accenture here. In case you are wondering if you would be eligible for the role of a software trainee at Accenture, find out the Eligibility Criteria here. Coming to the Accenture Selection Process, it consists of three rounds.

1. Written Round

2. Technical Round

3. HR Round

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Interviews, Group Tasks & Personality Development

Accenture Written exam consists of 3 sections - Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability.  Find out the complete Accenture Recruitment Process here. Below are few aptitude questions based on previous years' Accenture placement papers. Read along to find out the rigor and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Accenture placement papers for freshers.

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Accenture Aptitude Sample Question 1: The speed of a car is 45 km/h. The distance traveled by car in 240 minutes is same as the distance traveled by train in 25 minutes. What is the speed of the train in km/h?

a) 420 km/hr

b) 330 km/hr

c) 120 km/hr

d) 432 km/hr

Answer: d)15

Explanation: 240 minutes = 240/60= 4 hours

Distance traveled by car in 4 hours = 45×4 = 180 km

Time taken by the train to travel 180 km = 25 minutes = 25/60 hours

Speed of the train = Distance/ time = 180/ (25/60) = 432 km/hr

Accenture Aptitude Sample Question 2: The difference between the present age of a man and of his daughter is 28. The average of their ages now is 28. What are their present ages in years?

a) 28, 56

b) 14, 42

c) 7, 35

d) 35, 14

Answer: b)


Let the daughter’s present age be x.

The present age of father = 28+x

According to the question, the averages of their ages is 28.

Hence, (28+2x)/2 =28

x =14.

Therefore, the daughter’s present age is 14 and the father’s present age is 42

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Accenture Aptitude Sample Question 3:

1. I hope for a day when Indian people will file lawsuits _____

a) at the drop of an egg

b) at the drop of a ball

c) at the drop of an eagled.

d) at the drop of a hat

Answer: d)


'At the drop of a hat' is an idiom which means immediately or without any hesitation.

Accenture Aptitude Sample Question 4: Choose the best antonym for lament.

a) Grief

b) Blues

c) Celebrate

d) Optimistic

Answer: c)


'Lament' means to express grief and sorrow.

Hence, the antonym of 'lament' from the given options is 'celebrate'.

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Accenture Aptitude Sample Question 5:

Logical Puzzles: Which letter replaces '?' symbol

Images will come here in prod

a) T

b) U

c) X

d) I

Answer: a)


 In each row, multiply the numerical values of the first and third letters gives the second letter numerical value.

→  E= 5, D =4

→ E * D = 5 * 4 = 20

→ 20 = T

Hence 'T' replaces the '?' symbol

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