Latest IBM Aptitude Practice Questions


Latest IBM Aptitude Practice Questions

IBM is a US computer, technology and IT consulting corporation headquartered in New York. It is the world's biggest technology company and the second most valuable by a global brand. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. Coming to the IBM  Selection Process, it consists of three rounds.

1. Aptitude Round

2. Business English Communication Skills Round

3. HR Round

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IBM Written exam consists of 2 sections - Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning Ability. Find complete IBM Recruitment Process here. Below are few aptitude questions based on previous IBM placement papers. Read on to find out the rigour and subject topics of the questions generally expected in IBM placement papers for freshers.

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IBM Aptitude Sample Question 1:

A can do a work in 40 days and B in 28 days. If A and B together do the work, then approximately in how many days will the same work be completed?

 A. 14 days

 B. 10 days

 C. 16 days

 D. 20 days

Ans: C


A's 1day's work = 1/40

B's 1day's work = 1/28

They can work together in = 1/40 + 1/28 = 16 days (approximation)

IBM Aptitude Sample Question 2:

Teena is younger than Rani by 6 years. If the ratio of their ages is 6:8, find the age of Teena:

A. 18 years 

B. 16 years 

C. 17 years 

D. 19 years 

Ans: A


If Rani age is x, then Teena age is x-6,

so (x-6)/x = 6/8

=> 8x-48 = 6x 

=> 2x = 48

=> x = 24

So Teena age is 24- 6 = 18 years 

IBM Aptitude Sample Question 3: 

A man buys a book for Rs.29.50 and sells it for Rs 31.10. Find his gain percent.

A. 6.1%

B. 5.4%

C. 3.8%

D. 4.4%

Ans: B


So we have C.P. = 29.50

S.P. = 31.10

Gain = 31.10 - 29.50 = Rs. 1.6



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IBM Aptitude Sample Question 4:

Consider the series: 464, 232, 240, 120, ____, 64. What number should fill the blank?

A. 132

B. 128

C. 138

D. 126

Answer: B


This is an alternating division and addition series: First, divide by 2, and then add 8.

IBM Aptitude Sample Question 5: 

Look at this series: A4, __, C16, D32, E64. What number should fill the blank?

A. A16 

B. G4

C. B8

D. B6 

Answer: C


The letters Increase by 1; the numbers are multiplied by 2.

Practice: Reasoning Ability - IBM

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