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Tech Mahindra Aptitude Placement Papers & Solution

Tech Mahindra Ltd provides information Technology, networking technology solutions and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to the telecommunications industry. Learn more about the Tech Mahindra Company Profile here. In case you are wondering if you would be eligible for the role of a software trainee at Tech Mahindra, find out the Tech Mahindra Eligibility Criteria here. Coming to the Tech Mahindra Selection Process, it consists of four rounds.

1. Online Aptitude Round

2. Essay Writing Round

3. Technical Round

4. HR Round

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Tech Mahindra Written exam consists of seven sections - English Language General 1, English Language General 2, English Language Comprehension, Quantitative Ability / Arithmetic Ability, Verbal Reasoning General, Verbal Reasoning paragraph and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Find complete Tech Mahindra Recruitment Process here. Below are few aptitude questions based on previous Tech Mahindra placement papers. Read on to find out the rigor and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Tech Mahindra placement papers for freshers.

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TechM Aptitude Sample Question 1: Choose the word which has a similar meaning to the word given here.


a. Resign

b. Abduct

c. Accept

d. Own

Answer: a) Resign

The meaning of abdicate is to renounce/resign from one's throne/duty.

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TechM Aptitude Sample Question 2: Fill in the blank with the appropriate.

He________her in wearing ridiculous clothes in spite of her disapproval.

a. Insists

b. desists

c. Desists

d. Resists

Answer: a) Insists

The best fit here is insists and it is always followed by the preposition ‘in’

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TechM Aptitude Sample Question 3: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Tribal festivals have been around for as long as anyone can remember. The revelry and pomp usually bore religious significance. The Karama festival in Odisha is a good example of this. Between the months of August and September, the branches of a Karam tree are planted by spinster women in a bid to have their fortunes changed. Similarly, the Sarhul festival in Jharkhand is about securing the safety of the village by worshipping the Sal tree- the abode of goddess Sarna. However, unlike in the past, these groups do not necessarily gather for religious reasons today. Except for a relatively small number of tribal groups, people celebrate these festivals as a reminder of their ancestry, a fun way to self-preserve, and to herald seasonal changes. However, tribal groups that are blissfully untouched by modernization require varying degrees of protection and support from our Government.

Source: Tribal festivals: celebrating and preserving India’s avatar, Qrius

1. The passage given above is mainly concerned with

a. Preserving India’s culture through festivals

b. Modern India has forgotten culture

c. History of tribal festivals in India

d. Government initiatives to preserve tribal culture

Answer: a) Preserving India's culture through festivals

Festivals like Karama in Odisha, Sarhul in Jharkhand have been mentioned in the passage explaining why/ how they have celebrated hinting at the historical significance of these festivals. Hence, ‘preserving India's culture through festivals’ suits the passage best.

2. Where is the Karama festival celebrated?

a. Odisha

b. Karnataka

c. Bangalore

d. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: a) Odisha

This is a factual question and can be answered easily by looking at the passage. It is Odisha.

3. Choose the word which has a similar meaning to the word given here.


a. Ceremony

b. Tradition

c. Festival

d. Beauty

Answer: a) Ceremony

The meaning of Pomp is a ceremony or splendid display.

4. The author would agree the most with which of the following:

I. Tribal groups used to gather for religious reasons just like in the past.

II. Tribal groups together gather for religious reasons, unlike in the past

III. Tribal groups today do not gather for religious reasons. However, in the past, it was otherwise.

IV. Tribal groups celebrate festivals only as a part of remembering their ancestry

Choose the correct option:

a. I only

b. both I & III

c. both III & IV

d. IV only

Answer: c) both III & IV

Both the options are considered as valid: tribal groups today do not gather for religious reasons. However, in the past, it was otherwise and tribal groups celebrate festivals only as a part of remembering their ancestry.

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TechM Aptitude Sample Question 4: The difference between ages of a man and his daughter is 28. The average of their ages now is 28. What are their present ages?

a) 28, 56

b) 14, 42

c) 7, 35

d) 35, 14

Answer/Explanation: b) 14, 42

Let the daughter’s current age be x.

The current age of father = 28+x

According to the question, the averages of their ages is 28.

Hence, (x+28+x)/2 =28

X =14.

Therefore, the daughter’s present age is 14 and the father’s present age is 42

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TechM Aptitude Sample Question 5: When Rina’s illness took a turn for the worse, the doctors took_____to________the situation.

a. Steps, ameliorate

b. Measures, mitigate

c. Nodes, improve

d. Approaches, mitigate

Answer/Explanation: a) steps, ameliorate

steps and ameliorate are the best set of words that would fit here.

TechM Aptitude Sample Question 6: N:2744 :: E: ?

a) 125

b) 216

c) 625

d) 50

Answer/ Explanation: a) 125

If the alphabets are numbered from 1 to 26, N will be 14. 2744 is obtained by cubing 14. Hence, the answer is 5×5×5 i.e. 125

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