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CTS Aptitude Questions for Freshers

Cognizant is a global leader in business and technology services that helps clients bring the future of work to life – today- in a business environment that is being transformed by accelerating globalization, virtualization and the shift toward cloud technologies. Learn more about the COGNIZANT- Company Profile here. Coming to the Cognizant Technology Solutions(CTS) Selection Process, it consists of four rounds.

1. Group Discussion round:

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2. Cognizant Aptitude Round

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3. Cognizant Technical Interview Round

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4. HR Round

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CTS Written exam consists of two sections -  Analytical Ability and Verbal Ability. The Analytical ability has 16 Quantitative and 14 Reasoning ability questions that are to be attempted in 30 minutes. The Verbal ability has 25 questions to be attempted in 20 minutes. Find complete Cognizant Recruitment Process here. Below are few aptitude questions based on previous CTS placement papers. Read along to find out the rigor and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Cognizant placement papers for freshers.

CTS Aptitude Sample Question 1: Arun buys an old bicycle for Rs. 470 and spends Rs. 80 on its repairs. If he sells the bicycle for Rs. 580, his gain percent is:

A. 3.75%

B. 6.10%

C. 4.25%

D. 5.45%

Answer: D


Cost Price (C.P.) = Rs. (470 + 80) = Rs. 550.

Selling Price (S.P.) = Rs. 580.

Gain = (S.P.) - (C.P.) = Rs.(580 - 550) = Rs. 30.

Now Gain%= (Gainx100)/C.P.= (30x100) /550= 5.45%

CTS Aptitude Sample Question 2: A man is 23 years older than his son. In three years, his age will be twice the age of his son. What is the present age of his son?

A.19 years

B.21 years

C.23 years

D.20 years

Answer: D


Let the present age of the son =x years

Then, the present age the man =(x+23) years


in three years man's age will be twice the age of his son





CTS Aptitude Sample Question 3: After rotating a figure 90° clockwise, the following figure was obtained. What was the figure before rotation?

Screenshot (5)

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4) Answer/ Explanation: b) 

The best way to solve this problem is to approach the options. In the figure 'b', when the block is rotated 90° clockwise along X-axis, we get the desired block in the question.

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CTS Aptitude Sample Question 4: Choose the best antonym for 'Exodus'

a. Influx

b. Homecoming

c. Return

d. Restoration

Answer: a) Influx

'Exodus' means to a mass departure of people

Hence, the antonym of 'exodus' is 'influx' which means an arrival or entry of a large number of people/things.

CTS Aptitude Sample Question 5: Identify the error in the following sentence.

The Principal of the college/ and the senior most chemistry faculty/ is on leave today.

a. The Principal of the college

b. and the senior chemistry faculty

c. is on leave today.

d. No error

Answer: c) is on leave today

According to the agreement of the verb with the subject in a sentence, if the article is used only once as in ‘The principal of the college and senior most Chemistry faculty is present’, it refers to the same person.

If the article is used twice, it refers to different persons. The sentence given in the question should be corrected as ‘The Principal and the senior most chemistry faculty are on leave today'


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