Mu Sigma Recruitment Process 2018


Mu Sigma Recruitment Process 2018 for Freshers

The selection process for any job profile is an important step for every company to get prospective candidates well suited for the job. It should be done with proper strategic planning. Mu-Sigma is one of the best companies for freshers. In this blog, we will know about the company profile and the selection procedure for Mu Sigma.

A little More About Mu Sigma

Mu Sigma, founded by Dhiraj Rajaram, is an Indian Mangement firm that is well-known for its analytical services. The name Mu and Sigma derive from mu(μ) meaning 'mean' and sigma(σ) meaning 'standard deviation'. It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India and a branch office in Chicago, United States. It is a decision-science company that helps clients accelerate their journey from data to decision. It has more than 3,500 employees. It raised its first income around $30 million from FTVentures. If you have a problem-solving approach with decision-oriented analytical skills, Mu Sigma has a lot for you in its store. Let's move forward to the selection process.

Mu Sigma Selection Process

The selection process consists of six rounds

  1. Written exam
  2. Video Synthesis
  3. Pseudo code and Case Study
  4. Group discussion
  5. Technical Interview
  6. HR Interview

Academic Criteria:

  • A candidate should be an engineering graduate from any recognized University.
  • A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.
  • Maximum of 2 backlogs is permitted at the time of appearing for Mu Sigma selection process.

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Mu Sigma Written Exam:

The written exam consists of four sections-Quantitative Aptitude & Logic Reasoning, Verbal ability, Critical Thinking, and Personality Profile. The time allotted for the written exam is 50 minutes. It has 0.5 negative marking in three sections except in personality profile. The total questions in the written exam are 55 questions. The candidates who qualify the written exam will qualify for the next rounds.

No. of questions
Time(in minutes)

Quant & Logic Ability

Verbal Ability

Critical Thinking

Personality Profile









90 Minutes


Take a free Mu Sigma Aptitude Test

Quantitative Ability: The questions are based on Data Interpretation, Speed & Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progression, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Averages, Geometry

Logic Reasoning: The questions are based on Attention to Details, Visual Reasoning, Relationship (Blood Relations), Flowcharts, Logical Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions.

Verbal Ability:  The questions are based on Grammar, Vocabulary (Synonyms, Antonyms), Sentence Correction, Prepositions, Idioms and Phrases, Speech and Tense, Fill in the blanks and Reading Comprehension.

Critical Thinking: The questions are based on Visual thinking and Visual Representation.

Personality Profile: It consists of 20 questions.

The first round even consists of Essay writing where you will be given a picture and you need to write an essay related to the given picture.

Video Synthesis:

In this round, the test is based on Listening and Grasping Skills. A video will be shown and you need to summarize it. Video Synthesis means to analyze the video and note the important points described in the video (you will be provided with a piece of paper to write the short and crisp points). We have to identify the keywords present in the video. For practising, watch the videos from Conduira Online's channel.

Pseudo Code and Case Study:

This round consists of a written test. The time allotted for this round is 30 minutes. A Pseudo Code will be provided and you have to write the output along with the steps in rough work. Candidate should be proficient in C-language.

In Case Study, a situation is given and based on the situation, some questions would be asked. Read the case properly and patiently to arrive at logical conclusions to be able to answer the set of questions.

Group Discussion:

It involves the ideas and skills of the candidate. The topic does not matter in this round. Being an initiator will be the first impression for the person during the interview. Listening is very important in this round. Most of the people are good speakers, not good listeners. Just you have to catch the point and proceed in a good way. The candidate has to speak fluently in a way that everyone can understand. The last and important thing is 'conclusion'. The conclusion should be in a way that should describe the summary of the topic given.

Technical round:

It involves the technical knowledge that you have learned during your graduation. In the Technical round, some subjects are included that are C, Java, DBMS etc. Other than these three programming languages, one has to prepare on two subjects based on one's branch. In certain cases, the interview panel people will ask you

HR round:

The candidate who qualified the above rounds will qualify for the Interview process. In this round, the panel members might ask you questions based on your education, family, internship, hobbies, work experience, general knowledge, etc. Based on the student's experience, we have shared various interview questions in Conduira Online, Mostly, we suggest you to go through GD/PI videos in the learning center of Conduira Online which provides the right answers to these questions.

YouTube Videos for Interview Questions

Fundamentals required:

Elementary (10th grade) Mathematics – fundamentals and application.

Data involved questions like pie charts, graphs or quick calculation on the given data.

Thinking out of the box.

Basic knowledge of programming languages like  C, Java & DBMS.

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