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Amazon Aptitude Questions & Answers Online for Freshers

'Amazon' was started by the name Cadabra in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It went online as '' in the year 1995. What started out as an online bookstore has today turned out to become the world's largest online retailer. The company’s name 'Amazon' can be correlated with the Amazon river from which it took inspiration.

The selection process of Amazon consists of three rounds.

a) Written Round

b) Technical Interview (Sometimes two technical interviews are conducted with the second one being a stress interview)

c)  HR Interview

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Amazon Written Round:

  • The Written round consists of 3 sections,viz., Aptitude, Verbal Ability and Technical.
  • There are 30 Questions in the Aptitude section. The important topics include Time, Speed and Work, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Probability, Triangles, and Functions.
  • There are 30 questions in the Verbal Ability section. The important topics include Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Identifying error in a sentence, Synonyms and Antonyms, etc.
  • There are 44 questions in the Technical Section. The important topics include C, Data Structures, and DBMS.
  • The allotted time to solve the questions in these sections is 120 minutes. There is no negative marking in this round.

A candidate is tested not only for general aptitude skills but also for programming/ coding abilities and communication skills is undoubtedly a must. Find the complete Amazon recruitment process here. Below are few sample questions based on previous Amazon placement papers. Read on to find out the rigour and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Amazon placement papers for freshers.

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Amazon Aptitude Sample Question 1: The difference between 4/17 of 17/19 of a number and 3/38 of the same number is 17.5. Find the number.

a)17. 5

b) 18.5

c) 20

d) 133

Answer: (d)


Let the number be X.

Then, 4/17 of 17/19 of the number is (4/17) * (17/19) * X = (4/19) * X

3/38 of the number= (3/38) * X


the difference between these two values is 17.5.

Hence, [(4/19) * X - (3/38) * X ]= 17.5

Solving the equation, we have X=133

Therefore, the number is 133.

Amazon Aptitude Sample Question 2: a, b, c, and d are four numbers in arithmetic progression. Mean of these four numbers is 20. The common difference between the numbers is 6. Find the product of first and the last numbers.

a) 13

b) 34

c) 319

d) 124

Answer: (c)


Let the four numbers be a, a+b, a+2b, and a+3b

Mean of the four numbers = (a+a+b+a+2b+a+3b)/4 = (4a+6b)/4 = 20

Substituting b as 6, we get the value of a= 11

The product of the first and the last number is 11× 29 which is equal to 319.

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Amazon Aptitude Sample Question 3: Find the correct group of signs for the equation to be in order. 


a) /, +, =

b) +, /, =

c) =, +, /

d) +, =, /

Answer: (a)


One can solve these type of problems using trial and error method.

48 divided by 6 gives 8. 8 added to 9 gives 17.

Amazon Aptitude Sample Question 4: Today is Sunday. I will be attending an interview 4 days after the day before yesterday. On which day will I be attending the interview?

a) Tuesday

b) Wednesday

c) Monday

d) Thursday

Answer: (a)


If today is Sunday, Four days after Sunday will be Friday, the day before yesterday is Tuesday.

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Amazon Aptitude Sample Question 5: Arrange the following phrases into a complete sentence.

A) of desks, and kids are working

B) on countless group assignments.

C) Nowadays, a typical classroom has pods 

a) ABC

b) CAB

c) BCA

d) BAC

Answer: (b)


b) The complete sentence would look like this: Nowadays, a typical classroom has pods of desks, and kids are working on countless group assignments.

By looking at the set of sentences, one can understand that 'Nowadays' has to be the beginning of the sentence. From then on, it is simply putting the phrases together to form a coherent sentence.

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