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Latest Wipro Aptitude Test Questions & Answers 2018

Wipro Limited is a market leading Information Technology, consulting and business process services company. Wipro utilizes the power of analytics, robotics, cloud and other emerging technologies to help clients spread across six different continents to adapt to the current digital trend and help them thrive on success. Learn more about the Wipro Company Profile here. In case you are wondering if you would be eligible for the role of a Software Trainee or any job profile as a fresher at Wipro, find out the Wipro Eligibility Criteria here. Coming to the Wipro Selection Process, it consists of three rounds.

Round 1: Written / Online Test

Round 2: Technical Round

Round 3: HR Round

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Wipro Written exam consists of four sections - Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Technical Aptitude and one descriptive section where you will be asked to write an essay on a given situation. A candidate is tested not only on her general aptitude skills but also on her programming/ coding abilities and communication skills. Find complete Wipro Campus Recruitment Process here. Below are few aptitude questions based on previous Wipro placement papers. Read on to find out the rigour and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Wipro placement papers for freshers.

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Wipro Aptitude Sample Question 1: A has x number of cookies with him. B has double the number of cookies with A, and C has double the number of cookies with B. If the total number of cookies with A, B and C is 35, what is the number of cookies with B?

a) 5

b) 15

c) 20

d) 10

Answer/ Explanation: d) 10

Let the number of cookies with A be x.

Number of cookies with B = 2x

Number of cookies with C = 2*2x = 4x

Therefore, total number of cookies with a, b and c is x + 2x + 4x = 7x

7x = 35

=>x = 5

Number of cookies with B = 2x = 10

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Wipro Reasoning Sample Question 2: If APPLE is written as 261515114, how is GRAPE written as?

a) 61726154

b) 7181166

c) 61836155

d) 51726155

Answer/ Explanation: a) 61726154

Shift the numeric order of the English alphabet one step backward. As A =1 in normal case, A = 26 now. Similarly, P = 16 in the normal case, P becomes 15 in this case. That way:

A: 26

P: 15

L: 11

E: 4

Hence, GRAPE is written as 

G = 6

R = 17

A = 26

P = 15

E = 4

Wipro Verbal Ability Sample Question 3: What do we call a person who eats so much and is always hungry?

a) Glutton 

b) Luncheon

c) Reticent

d) Gannet

Answer/ Explanation: d) Gannet

Gannet and Glutton are used differently in the following way.

A glutton is a person who eats much more than what is needed whereas gannet is a person who eats a lot and is still always hungry. Do note gannet is an informal word.

Reticent is a person who speaks very less.

Luncheon is a formal lunch.

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Wipro Descriptive Sample Question 1: Are humans better than computers? Justify your answer (Your essay should contain at least 300 words).

Sample Answer: Although computers make human work easy by performing many functions, here are my reasons to believe that humans are better than computers. 

A human body has an infinite mind. Its capability to dream, ideate and convert its thought into a physical reality is truly astounding. A man has created myriad things and the computer is yet another invention of man created with an intention of making his life comfortable. A computer can remember facts, perform operations, calculate faster, guide you with the nearest petrol bunk or predict the next fall in stock prices. However, it cannot feel, cannot guide you with your next career step, can't provide a human emotion, can't understand its surroundings, can't learn, can't judge a situation or can't dream or ideate on its own. It works on the programs/ instructions given by humans.

Without a pre-determined set of programming code, a computer proves to be nothing. When faced with an undefined phenomenon or non-routine work, a computer cannot use its judgment to process and come up with a solution. On the other hand,  a human being conscious of his choice of actions is known to come up with unconventional but relevant action choices. Sure, computers are becoming more and more intelligent with machine learning and new AI technologies. But, will they surpass human is a question that answers itself.

After all, the neural tissue that created the electronic wired device is better than its creation!

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