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Latest Infosys Aptitude Placement Paper

Infosys is a multinational company providing information technology services and business consulting. The company has its headquarter in Bangalore, in the electronic city of India. Infosys is the 3rd largest IT Company in India and the 5th largest employer of H1-B visa as stated in the year 2013. Learn more about the company profile of Infosys here.

Infosys Selection Process:

The company conducts the recruitment process every year to select new candidates. The selection process of the company consists of 2 rounds. These rounds are as follows:

  • Written Exam
  • HR Interview

Interview round and group tasks help you in HR Interviews

Infosys Written exam consists of 3 sections - Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical & Logical Reasoning and, Verbal ability. There is no negative marking in the paper. Overall, the level of the paper is moderate. Only those candidates who clear the written exam will qualify for the next round. Find the Recruitment pattern here. Below are few sample questions based on previous Infosys placement papers. Read along to find out the rigor and subject topics of the questions generally expected in Infosys placement papers for freshers.

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Infosys Aptitude Sample Question 1: 

Students of St. Peter college are lined up in a row. Lata who is standing 16th from the left stands on the immediate right of Sita. When they exchange their places, Sita stands 14th from the right. Find out the total number of students in the row.

a) 29

b) 30

c) 28

d) 31

Answer/Explanation: a) 29

Infosys Blog Sita

Number of students before Lata from the left (including Lata)= 16

When Sita and Lata exchange places, number of students from the right (excluding Lata as she has been counted once already)= 14-1= 13

Number of students in the row = 16+ 13 = 29

Infosys Aptitude Sample Question 2:

Coffee worth Rs. 183 per kg, 173 per kg and a third variety are mixed in the ratio of 2: 2: 3 and sold at Rs. 200 per kg at a price of no loss/ profit. What is the approximate cost per kg of the third variety of coffee?

a) 220

b) 229

c) 239

d) 240

Answer/ Explanation: b) 229

Let the third variety of coffee be Rs. A Per Kg.

According to the question

((183×2) +(173×2)+(A×3)) / (2+2+3) = 200

Solving the above equation, we get the value of A as Rs.229.30

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Infosys Aptitude Sample Question 3:

Three friends went to a restaurant and found some pieces of cake in front of them. Shanti took one-fourth of them and returned 3. Sameera took one-half of them and returned one. John took one-seventh of them and returned none. What is the initial number of pieces of cake if there were 6 at the end?

a) 10

b) 24

c) 12

d) 08

Answer/ Explanation: c) 12

The best way to solve this question is using the options to save time. Take options which are multiples of 1/4 and these are 24, 12 and 8. 8 is not possible given that there are 6 left at the end. Between 24 and 12, chose 12 as this doesn't lead to decimals (since the number of pieces is an integer). Now, check the data on initial number 12. Every condition holds true.

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Infosys Aptitude Sample Question 4:

Ramesh was endowed______natural talent for music.

a) in

b) of

c) by

d) with

Answer/ Explanation: d) with

Endowed is always followed by the preposition ‘with’.

Infosys Aptitude Sample Question 5:

Ranjan jumped off the train while it_________.

Choose the right form of the verb to be filled in the blank from the options.

a) had been moved

b) was moving

c) moved

d) has Moved

Answer/ Explanation: b) was moving

While is used for expressing an action in continuous tense. Since 'jumped off' is in past tense, past continuous form of the verb is ‘was moving’

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