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As Colleges re-open for the new academic year, one phrase on every final year student’s mind is campus placements. Which companies would visit campus for recruitment this year? How many would they recruit? Are the recruitment processes going to change? What would be the level of difficulty of the Aptitude Tests? Questions, questions and more questions and hardly any answers! I shall attempt to answer some of these questions in the context of IT companies in engineering college campuses in this article. 

Last year, we have seen companies tightening their recruitment processes – newer rounds like technical evaluation (programming exercises) were introduced, the level of difficulty of the Aptitude Tests went up and the recruitment numbers also saw a downward slide compared to previous years. This tightening of the recruitment scenario would continue this year too! While the recruitment numbers could stay constant (compared to last year), the recruitment process could become more rigorous and selective. There was also a buzz about top IT Companies planning to conduct a Common Recruitment Test on the lines of Bank or MBA Exams. Programming Exercises would be more widely adopted by many more companies and they could also increase the focus on the evaluation of Written Communication Skills through Essay Writing rounds. In other words, we could safely conclude that the high days of easy recruitment are now over! 

As a student who is interested in grabbing a job opportunity with any of the IT majors on campus, here are three things that you should do in the next couple of months – 

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1. Work on your Programming Skills 

A trend that started last year and could be adopted by many more companies this year is programming evaluation round. You need to get used to writing code in online coding environments and be familiar with concept of validation against test cases. For those used to console based programming, this might need some practice. An understanding of different data structures and common algorithms used in programming along with an ability to identify the complexity or the output of a given program are also often tested in the Programming Exercise rounds. Additionally, any online certificate courses in programming or in other Computer Science related areas would also add value to your profile.

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2. Do NOT Ignore Aptitude Tests 

The rigor of the Aptitude Tests of many companies these days is no lesser than any of the management entrance exams. Most companies today take care of restricting the availability of the questions online by outsourcing the Aptitude Tests to third-party organizations with professional experience. A couple of night outs before the company visits the campus and you are set to crack the test – well, I do not think it can happen that way this year. You certainly need to work on the basics and take a few mock tests to understand the company pattern and formulate a test strategy – our website provide you with mock tests across multiple company patterns. Approach the written tests as if you would approach any other competitive exam as the selection ratio in this round was on the lower side.

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3. Work on Oral and Written Communication Skills 

You could be asked to write an e-mail or an essay or to describe a situation/picture – all of them evaluate your writing skills. Avoiding grammatical and spelling mistakes and structuring your essay are key to scoring well in this round. However, this is a skill that only comes with practice and you have a couple of months to do so. And finally, for those who made it through the Aptitude and Technical Evaluation rounds, the selection process gets more rigorous in the Personality Evaluation rounds. Companies have been trying out multiple modes of evaluation – from group tasks to case study discussions to extempore speeches to personal interviews. Start brushing up your current affairs, grow more observant about issues happening around you as well as any major updates in the technology world. In case you already have a resume, update it with your latest achievements; in case you do not have one, start working on a professional resume right away. In our subsequent articles, we would look more closely at each of these three rounds – Aptitude Tests, Programming Exercises and Personality Evaluation rounds in detail. We will delve into the do’s and don’ts in each of these stages.

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However, do note that this year, landing a job on campus is not going to be easy and you need to fight for it. All the best! Fight on!!

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