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TCS Ninja Recruitment Process and Eligibility

TCS Ninja is a National Qualifier Test conducted by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) in order to recruit candidates from a wide variety of areas. This exam provides jobs to almost 10,000 candidates, from a staggering number of 300,000 applicants. Thus, a candidate must have an in-depth knowledge about this exam in order to achieve their dream of working in TCS. This blog will contain all the necessary information regarding TCS Ninja exam such as TCS Ninja eligibility criteria, application process, exam pattern and date of application.

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 Job Location :

PAN India

Salary offered:

3.36 to 3.6 Lakhs per annum (Empirical)

How to apply for TCS Ninja?

A candidate has to first fill a form with all their credentials on After completing the entire form the candidate will receive an activation code through their placement cell i.e activation key will be sent to your placement cell which you will have to apply to the form filled with TCS next step and then only the application process for TCS ninja exam will be completed.

Date of Registration & Examination -
Last date for Registration - 20 August 2018
Exam Date - 2nd and 3rd September 2018 

TCS Ninja exam pattern:

This exam consists of four major parts.

A) Written Test (90 Minutes) - 

1) Quantitative Aptitude (20Q in 40 Minutes) -

This section contains 20 Questions in which 18 questions are normal and 2 questions are star marked questions. The normal questions have a negative marking of 0.33 while the star marked questions have a negative marking of 0.66. The time duration for this part of the exam is 40 minutes.
Chapters to be covered: Number system, HCF & LCM, Time, Speed & Distance, Permutation & Combination, Profit & Loss, Functions, Blood Relations, Algebra, Averages, Mixtures & Alligations, Time & Work, Percentages, Geometry, Series & Progression, Equations, Clocks & Calendar.
Some very important topics for aptitude test (These topics will have at least 2 questions in the exam)
1) Reasoning
2) Permutation and Combination
3) Progressions
4) Geometry

2) English (10Q in 10 minutes) -

The English section in TCS Ninja will have MCQ questions. The syllabus for English section of TCS Ninja consists of - 

Idioms And Phrases 
Matching Definition 
Missing Part 
One Word Substitutes 
Often Confusing Words
Ordering Of Sentences 
Jumbled Sentences
Paragraph Formation 
Paragraph Jumble 
Selecting Words 
Sentence  Improvement 
Sentence Analogies 
Sentence Completion 
Sentence Correction 
Sentence Identification
Sentence Selection 
Word Matching 
Word Substitutes
Regular vocabulary
Grammar - tense, SVA, pronouns, articles, etc

More information on the English section will be provided from our side, as soon as TCS provides sample mock test for TCS Ninja.                                                                               

3) Programming Language/C- Programming MCQ Questions (10Q in 10 minutes)

The syllabus for this section is mainly divided into 7 broad topics
1) C
2) Loops
3) Arrays
4) Command Line Programming (Theoretical and Coding Questions)
5) Libraries
6) File Handling
7) Variables and Registers

4) Coding (1Q in 30 minutes) -

Our experts at Conduira Online suggest that there is a high probability that the question from this section can be asked from C,C++,Java.

• The coding platform or screen is divided into 2 parts. The right part of the screen is meant for typing the code and the left part is for the output.
• The written code can be compiled a maximum number of 10 times (expected), so please make sure that you minimize the number of attempts.
• The code compilation in the exam takes an average time of 20-30 sec, during which the screen will be frozen so if you compile the code 10 times then you straightaway loose 5 minutes in a 20-minute exam. So please make fewer mistakes while writing the code and minimize the number of compilations.

You can also check out Conduira Online's Programming Hub, by creating an account, to learn more about the different programming languages such as C, C++, Java. Conduira Programming Hub is a learn and practice platform developed by our team of experienced professionals from different IIT, NIT, & IIIT. The entire hub offers a step by step learning process by dividing the entire program into 4 major categories ( Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert) with approximately 250 tasks embedded into the entire course. Each category is associated with questions that are asked in a wide array of companies, thus giving an extra edge to a student. A student will be offered personalized recommendations based on their performance in each of the programming exercise. These recommendations will primarily focus on weak areas of the student. A student will also get a detailed performance analysis and a time analysis report to further improve his/her performance, along with an overall performance rank in the entire Programming Hub Section, via Leaderboard. 

You can register for Conduira Online's Programming Hub(C, Java) here

You can also check out Conduira Online's Campus Recruitment Premium Package ( Aptitude Tests, Programming Tests) here 

(B) Technical Interview (20-35 minutes ) - 

Tips regarding Technical Interview for CS/IT students -

1. Keep the resume updated and mention only those programming languages in which you have in-depth knowledge. Questions will only be asked according to the programming languages or skills mentioned in the resume.
2. Questions related to programming languages such as C, C++, Java will be asked in order to test your in-depth knowledge.
3. Questions related to final year projects or industrial training will definitely be asked, so prepare for these for the interview.
4. Additionally, you should have good communication skills while giving the interview.

Tips regarding Technical Interview for Non-Coding students such as EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), ME (Mechanical Engineering) -

1. Basic questions related to your own branch will be asked, so study all the basic concepts and definitions thoroughly. The interviewer might ask questions by Googling them, so please look for basic questions related to your branch on Google.

2. Questions related to final year projects or industrial training will definitely be asked, so please prepare them adequately for the interview. Questions related to drawing the circuit diagram from the final year project can come for branches such as ECE, EI, EEE. Mechanical engineering students must have an idea about all the components used in their project, it's overall cost and technical specifications of components used while building the project. Just make sure that you remember all the diagrams, definitions and formulas for the project that you have done in the final year.
3. Moreover, basic questions related to C, C++ will also be asked, so prepare them thoroughly.
Please note that for both Non-Coding and Coding branches the grading criteria is the same. Students will be awarded grades(A, B, C, D, E, F) based on their performance in the technical interview round. The different parameters on the basis of which any candidate is judged are -
• Command on programming languages such as C, C++, Java.
• Command on general branch specific knowledge, final year project and industrial training experience.
• Communication skills with a good grasp on the English language.

(C) Managerial Round

This round is mainly a stress interview to judge various aspects of your personality such as
• Team spirit and collaborative attitude
• Geniality and Supportiveness
• Time management capability
In this round situational based questions will be asked and you have to answer the questions decisively. The situational based questions will be on the above-mentioned traits that test your overall confidence while handling a situation.
Some sample questions for this round will be
1. Give an example of a situation where you had to show your decision making capability.
2. Why are your graduation marks so low?
3. Why is there a gap in your education?

(D) Human Resource (HR) Round -

This round is mainly related to judging your overall personality traits in order to check whether you will fit with the TCS working environment. This round is judged mainly on the following parameters -
• Dress Code
• Knowledge about TCS
• Attitude and your zeal to thrive
• Work Ethics
• General questions about your future plans
• Personality Questions - Strengths, Weakness, Family background etc.


  1. Negative marking for verbal.
  2. Negative marking for Quant and Programming Multiple Choice Quations 
  3. No negative marking for Quant and Programming Fill in the Blank Questions

Get Tips and Guidance for TCS Ninja Exam and Interview from Adithya Lanka (IIM- Calcutta) director of Conduira online having 10+ years experience in training students for Campus Recruitment Process.  


Finally, a rigorous preparation is required to qualify a job in TCS Ninja. Appearing for mock placement test series will help you prepare for the exam. Moreover, our experts at Conduira Online are going live every day to help job aspirants get a job on campus. All the best! 

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We have tried to provide as much accurate information as possible. Please let us know if our blog needs to be rectified and share with us any new information that is not mentioned in the blog. 

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