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We spoke about the Recruitment scenario on College Campuses a couple of weeks back. I said that landing a job this year isn’t as easy as it was a couple of years ago. In today’s article, let us dig deeper into the recruitment processes of various companies and focus more on the Aptitude Rounds.

The recruitment processes of most companies today are no less than four rounds. Companies in IT industry specifically emphasize a four-round selection process, viz., Aptitude Test Round, Programming Skills Round, Technical Interview and an HR Round that evaluates your communication skills and leadership abilities.

The Aptitude round tests your Quantitative, Verbal and Logical Reasoning skills. These tests could also include additional sections such as email or essay writing and summarizing a paragraph. Basis your academic performance, some companies could waive the need for Aptitude round; however, please do note that these rounds are often very selective. Selection ratios of 30 to 40% are very common – i.e., out of 100 students who appear for the test, only 30 to 40 are taken to the next round. In the last couple of years, many companies have outsourced the Aptitude Test round to third-party organizations leading to improved evaluation standards and standardization of testing processes. These days, the difficulty level of the aptitude tests for recruitment is no lesser than any of the management entrance exams.

Different companies have different test patterns – some penalize you for wrong answers, some do not; some have sectional time limits while others don’t. However, one thing that is common across these multiple patterns is that they are based on the same syllabus. Most of these tests evaluate you on the following areas –

Last year, we have seen companies tightening their recruitment processes – newer rounds like technical evaluation (programming exercises) were introduced, the level of difficulty of the Aptitude Tests went up and the recruitment numbers also saw a downward slide compared to previous years. This tightening of the recruitment scenario would continue this year too! While the recruitment numbers could stay constant (compared to last year), the recruitment process could become more rigorous and selective. There was also a buzz about top IT Companies planning to conduct a Common Recruitment Test on the lines of Bank or MBA Exams. Programming Exercises would be more widely adopted by many more companies and they could also increase the focus on the evaluation of Written Communication Skills through Essay Writing rounds. In other words, we could safely conclude that the high days of easy recruitment are now over! 

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As a student who is interested in grabbing a job opportunity with any of the IT majors on campus, here are three things that you should do in the next couple of months –

Quantitative Ability Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation Verbal Ability

Arithmetic & Applied Math

  • Percentages, Profit & Loss;
  • Time, Speed, Distance & Work
  • Ratios, Mixtures, Alligations

Basic Algebra

  • Quadratic Equation
  • Inequalities
  • Series & Progressions

Modern Math

  • Permutations, Combinations, Probability
  • Set Theory

Number Systems

Basic Geometry & Mensuration

1. Blood Relations

2. Directions

3. Coding & Decoding

4. Series & Odd-Man-Out

5. Clocks & Calendars

6. Cubes & Dice

7. Syllogisms

8. Puzzles based on:

  • Arrangements
  • Sports & Tournaments
  • Table-based
  • Selection-based
  • 9. Venn Diagrams

10. Non-verbal Reasoning

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Cloze Passages

3. Synonyms / Antonyms / Analogies

4. Fill in the Blanks

5. Idioms & Phrases

6. Para      Jumbles, Para  Completions, Para Summary

7. Grammar-based Questions

8. Critical Reasoning (Assumptions, Paradoxes)

Please follow the tips below in the next few weeks to succeed in the Aptitude Test Rounds.

Plan your time well

Final Year Projects, Regular Course Curriculum, Extra-Curricular Activities and GATE/CAT/GRE preparation – it is a mad rush in the Final Year. Balancing these different priorities while preparing for the Aptitude Tests requires a lot of planning. From making a timetable to dedicating time to your preparation to cutting down other lesser priority tasks – essentially, you need to be disciplined to pull this off.

Fix your goals and work towards them

What are the companies visiting your campus this year? Which among those are the ones you wish to get in to? Start your preparation with understanding the recruitment processes of these companies. Speak to your seniors and Placement Teams to know more about their test patterns or browse through websites such as for such information.

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Learn, Practice, Repeat

Focus on areas that are key to doing well in the test. Your preparation should not just focus on building concepts but also on understanding your strengths and weaknesses. After completing the basic concepts, take multiple practice tests to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Go back and focus on areas of weakness. Though you might think that you are only competing with your friends on campus, the cut-offs are generally normalized across multiple campuses and you are in effect competing with students across different colleges.

Practice Test Taking Strategies

Success in Aptitude tests is not only a function of your knowledge of concepts but your test-taking strategies as well. In tests that do not have sectional time-limits, understanding how much time to spend on each section or on each question are some of the elements of test-taking strategies. Start taking company model tests to refine these strategies. These tests are often low scoring – therefore, focus more on your accuracy rather than on speed.

Make your Preparation fun

Building a timetable is easy, adhering to it is tough. Inculcate various modes of learning – watch learning videos online, take mock tests or learn concepts through mobile apps to make learning less monotonous and more fun. Identify partners with complimentary skill-sets and form learning groups.

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Let me conclude by saying that this year getting through the Aptitude Test rounds of companies is not going to be an easy task. It needs preparation and it is high time you got started with it if you haven’t done so already.

All the best! Fight on!

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