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Personal Interview questions for Campus Recruitment

What is Campus Recruitment Process?

Generally, a Campus Placement Process has four components:

 * Pre Placement Talk 

 * Aptitude test 

 * Group Discussion 

 * Interview which can be various combinations of Technical and HR rounds 

Aptitude Test for Placements:

The Aptitude test consists of basic problems in quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. The primary objective of this test is to check the problem-solving skills of the test-taker. Any job out there is the problem-solving skills. It is essential to understand what the problem is and how the problem should be solved. So, the application of the learning is the Aptitude test.

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Tips and Tricks to solve the Personal Interviews Questions for Campus Recruitment Test

  • If you want to stand out & beat the competition in your Campus Placements, the first step is to ace the Written Aptitude Test. Reasoning  Aptitude contributes a lot to increase your scores. No campus recruitment is complete without the personal interview.
  • Methods of learning in one chapter can be used in other chapters
  • Whether the Question is simple or difficult you can know the options.
  • Focus on all the Personal Interviews questions will help you to crack this session.

Watch the below video to learn Tips & Tricks to crack Questions on Personal Interview in Campus Recruitment.

The Following questions are based on Personal Interview:

If the interviewer asks Tell me something about you?

→ Talk about your past and tell them something how amazing things that you have done that is one way to impress the company

In the interview, if you don't the answer what should we have to say?

→ I'm very sorry sir I am not able to recall

Some cases in Technical Interview it will be possible that they ask the question which your not sure about it?

→ Guess the answer but if you want to tell them it is a guess, nothing wrong in it.

→ Sir, I am not sure, Let me make a guess so, the answer is this. 

Sometimes a question is asked, Immediately the student will answer I don't know the answer. Is this is the right way to answer?

→ No, it is not the good way to answer and it is the bad thing.

What is an Interview?

→ Interview supports creating a good impression create a time possessive impression in the mindset of a person who is talking an interview make the interviewer fall in love with you that is well you have learned of cracking an Interview. 

If the interviewer asks what are your weaknesses?

→ The interview is about selling not about speaking.

→ Does not expose all your weaknesses.

→ Don't get over excited to tell your weaknesses

→ Tell only one weakness and elaborate on it.

→ Don't tell the stupid weakness such as Eyesight, Handwriting, Typing these all are the stupid weaknesses.

→ Don't talk about your grand weaknesses. grand weaknesses such as health issues etc.  

→  you can mention the weaknesses and change them in the positive direction.

For eg:- My weakness is Nervousness especially when I'm not prepared. But I realize that this Interview is very important to me. so,  I'm preparing for the last one month.

→ you can mention the lack of English skills is my weakness.

→When you are talking about the weakness it doesn't seem like the strength had been hidden in the weakness.

→ we have to give good answers and make them great answers.

Tell me about one great achievement that you have done?

→ It depends on who is asking

For eg: you are the member of the college cricket team and won the trophy and you are the caption of the volleyball team.

In the company, they don't give the leadership position. so we have to mention the member of the college cricket team.

But if you're going to the MBA interview. we have just cracked the CAT exam. you have to mention the caption of the volleyball team.

→ I believe that my greatest achievement that I learned from my failures.

When they are so many people in  panel how to wish them?

→If they are both men and women in the panel so we have to wish them twice.

Good morning mams.

Good morning sirs.

Once you have to observe all the people in the interview.

Can we talk about past failure of interview either in Resume or Interview?

→ yes, But we have to be careful how you are conveying.

If you do not answer the Question in the Interview?

→ I'm sorry sir, I don't answer this question but after the interview, I will go and refer the answer.

→ I'm very sorry, I'm not able to recall, But  I can guess the answer.

Why should we hire you?

→ I know the fact is that many other people are amicable to this job.

  1. My passion is for Technology.
  2. I also made presentation on critical development for technology.

Can kindness be a weakness?

→ yes, kindness can be a weakness. Actually, kindness can be a strength but we have to define it why it is your weakness.

→ Every strength and weakness can be explained in the form of the example.

Being punctual is a good strength?

→ yes, it would be a good strength.

For eg: I believe my punctual is my greatest strength  I am the person that I never miss my class. In fact every single year I make an 85% attendance.  I am proud of that.

Can I include hobbies that are not related to the profession?

→ yes, It is the hobbies to enjoy your life (or) to relax. Never minded related to the profession.

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