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Verbal Questions on Vocabulary for Campus Recruitment

What is Campus Recruitment Process?

Generally, a Campus Placement Process has four components:

 * Pre Placement Talk 

 * Aptitude test 

 * Group Discussion 

 * Interview which can be various combinations of Technical and HR rounds 

Aptitude Test for Placements:

The Aptitude test consists of basic problems in quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. The primary objective of this test is to check the problem-solving skills of the test-taker. Any job out there is the problem-solving skills. It is essential to understand what the problem is and how the problem should be solved. So, the application of the learning is the Aptitude test.

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Tips and Tricks to solve the Verbal Ability Questions for Campus Recruitment Test

  • If you want to stand out & beat the competition in your Campus Placements, the first step is to ace the Written Aptitude Test. Reasoning  Aptitude contributes a lot to increase your scores. No aptitude test is complete without questions based on coding, series & odd man out
  • Methods of learning in one chapter can be used in other chapters
  • Whether the Question is simple or difficult you can know the options.
  • Focus on all areas in verbal will help you crack verbal section

Watch the below video to learn Tips & Tricks to crack Questions verbal ability out in Campus Recruitment Exams.

The Following questions are based on verbal ability on vocabulary:

• What is the importance of vocabulary?

Companies like Tech Mahindra, the test like AMCAT, test you significantly on vocabulary based question.

→ Synonyms and Antonyms, Analogies, Sentence completion, Spelling Correction etc.

→ Vocabulary through reading comprehension.

→ cloze

The beauty behind vocabulary based question: Certainty, and speed.

And the beast: knowledge and ability to remember ocean of words.

• What are the smart methods to learn the vocabulary?

→ Roots

Let us consider some words with roots,

antipathy, sympathy, empathy, apathy

The common word in these words 'pathy'.

pathy means feeling and it is the root word.

sym+ pathy→ same feeling

anti+ pathy→ opposite feeling

a+ pathy→ no feeling

→ Range method/Link method

Starting at first point and ending at last point can be determined as the range.

Let us consider some words,

The word herbivorous = herbi+ vorous.

The word 'herb' can be determined as plant and 'vorous' can be determined as eating.

Herbivorous can be determined as plant-eating animals. 

The word carnivorous = carni+ vorous.

The word 'carn' can be determined as flesh and 'vorous' can be determined as eating.

Carnivorous can be determined as flesh-eating animals.

The word omnivorous = omni+ vorous.

The word 'omni' can be determined as everything and 'vorous' can be determined as eating.

Omnivorous can be determined as the animal which eats everything.

'vorous' can be treated as the root word.

The word omnipresent = omni+ present.

Omnipresent can be determined as something or someone is available everywhere. eg: God.

The word omniscient = omni+ scient.

Omniscient can be determined as the person who has the knowledge of everything.

→ Story method

The story method involves a lot of mythological stories from that we can learn the words.

The word sage means the people who are wise or experienced.

The words sagacity, sagacious are derived from the word sage, which reflects the quality of wise.

The word Assuage can be derived from the word anger.

Assuage= A+ sage= No sage it means don't be angry (or) reduce the anger.

The word 'sadist' can be determined as the person who takes the pleasure of other person pain.

The word 'masochist' can be determined the person who enjoys his/her pain.

The word 'abash' can be determined to embarrass.

→ Mental marks technique

This technique is used to remember the words easily.

The word 'assiduous' means hard working person.

The root word sid/sed→ sit down.

 The word 'sedentary jobs' means sit down and keep working.

Ass can be determined as the donkey. It is the hard-working animal.

The word 'enervate' can be divided into two parts.

e+ nervate→ out+nervate= energy.

which determines the person is lack of energy.

The word 'emasculate'→ e+ masculate→ out+muscle→ the person becomes weak.

The word 'emancipation' determines to free somebody.

→ Break-n- learn

The word accelerate→ ad+celerity→increase+ speed→ to increase the speed.

The word aggregate→ ad+ gregate→ increase+ crowd.

→ Confusing words

The words adjure, abjure are the confusing words.

eg: I adjure you to abjure smoking.

adjure→ request, urge, plead.

abjure→ stop, give up.

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