Campus Recruitment-Topic Mensuration- Question and Answers


Quantitative Questions on Mensuration for Campus Recruitment Tests

What is Campus Recruitment Process? 

Generally, a Campus Placement Process has four components:

 * Pre Placement Talk 

 * Aptitude test 

 * Group Discussion 

 * Interview which can be various combinations of Technical and HR rounds 

Aptitude Test for Placements: 

The Aptitude test consists of basic problems in quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and verbal ability. The primary objective of this test is to check the problem-solving skills of the test-taker. Any job out there is the problem-solving skills. It is essential to understand what the problem is and how the problem should be solved. So, the application of the learning is the Aptitude test

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Tips and Tricks to solve the Mensuration Questions for Campus Recruitment Test

  • If you want to stand out & beat the competition in your Campus Placements, the first step is to ace the Written Aptitude Test. Quantitative Aptitude contributes a lot to increase your scores. No aptitude test is complete without questions based on Ratios & Averages
  • Methods of learning in one chapter can be used in other chapters
  • Whether the Question is simple or difficult you can know the options.
  • Focus on all areas in quantitative will help you crack quantitative section

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The Following questions are based on Mensuration:

Equilateral Triangle -Perimeter to Area:

1. The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 24√3 cm what is the height in(cm)?

A. 6

B. 8




Answer: C


The perimeter of the equilateral triangle =3a



The height of the equilateral triangle= 


Area of a triangle-Observation:

2. The area of a triangle whose sides are 9cm,40cm,41cm is  __

A. 120

B. 150

C. 180

D. 210

E. 240

Answer: C



Δ=√s(s-a) (s-b) (s-c)

s=(a+b+c)/2=45 cm




These are the vertices of the right-angled triangle.

Area of the right-angled triangle=1/2*9*40=180.

Linking r, Δ, and s:

3. The perimeter of a triangle is 18cm. The radius of a circle that is inscribed in the triangle is 5 cm. what is the area of the triangle?

A. 45cm

B. 54cm

C. 90cm

D. 180cm

E. 240cm

Answer: A


r= Inradius in a triangle

Δ= Area

s= Semiperimeter>




Square: Finding area from Diagonal

4. A boy walks 14 meters to cross a square field along its diagonal. What is the area of the field(approx)?

A. 100sqm

B. 110sqm

D. cannot be determined

Answer: A



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Linking two figures: Square and circle

5. The diameter of a circle equals the perimeter of a square with the area is 3969cm². what is the circumference of the circle?

A. 396 cm

B. 792cm

C. 1188cm

D. 1584cm

Answer: B


The diameter of the circle=2r

The perimeter of a square= 4*a




The circumference of the circle=2Πr




Rectangle: Using the ratio of Length and Breadth

6. The cost of leveling a rectangular piece of land came to Rs.756 when the contractor charged Rs.6 per square meter. The length and breadth of the field are in the ratio of 7:2. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

A. 36m

B. 45m

C. 63m

D. 54m

E. none of the above

Answer: D


Area of the rectangle(A)*6=756






The Perimeter of a rectangle=2(7x+2x)



7. The perimeter of a rectangle is 220m. Its length is 75% more than its breadth.what is the area(in sq.units)?

A. 1400

B. 2800

C. 4200

D. 5600

Answer: B


Let us assume that breadth=b

The Length=1.75b

The perimeter of the rectangle=2(l+b)







Conversion: square to circle

8. When a wire is bent in the form of a square, it encloses an area of 484sqcm. what will be the area of the figure formed when the same wire is bent to form a circle?

A. 484sqm

B. 576sqm

C. 616sqm

D. 154sqm

E. 308sqm

Answer: C


When a wire is bent in the form of a square

The Length of the wire= perimeter of the square

                                    = Circumference of the circle



The perimeter of the square= Circumference of the circle




The area of the circle=Πr²


The Largest rectangle in a circle:

9. The area of the largest rectangle that can be inscribed in a particular circle 784sqcm. what is the area of a circle?

A. 1112sqcm

B. 1200sqcm 

C. 1232sqcm

D. 1252sqcm

E. 1300sqcm

Answer: C



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 The Diameter of the circle= The diagonal of the rectangle

The rectangle is divided into two right-angled triangles.

If the rectangle has the maximum area then the triangle has the maximum area.

The largest rectangle is always square.



d=28√2=diameter of the circle.


The area of the circle=Πr²=(22/7)*(14√2)²




The area of compound figures:

10. The shape of the field is such that it is bound by straight lines on three sides and a concave semi-circle on the fourth side. The three linear edges from three of the sides of a rectangle with sides measuring 30m*14m. The diameter of the semi-circular portion equals the shorter side of the rectangle.what is the area of the field (sq.mts)?

A. 420

B. 497

C. 574

D. 723

Answer: B


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Part1= Area of the rectangle =14*30=420sqm

Part2=Area of the semicircle=(1/2)*Πr²=(1/2)*22/7*7*7=77


The Area of the quadrilateral-general form:

11. The length of one of the diagonals of a quadrilateral is 18cm and the length of the offsets drawn to this diagonal from the other two vertices measure 5.4cm and 3.6cm. The area of the quadrilateral is___sqcm

A. 54 

B. 72

C. 81


E. 121

Answer: C



487f16e9 0fb1 4081 Aee4 Cdc47a2b82ea The area of the quadrilateral=area of the two triangle



                                                = 9*9=81sqcm

The quadrilateral with perpendicular diagonals:

12. The two diagonals of a quadrilateral are perpendicular to each other measure 8cm and 12cm what its area(in sq cm)?

A. 24

B. 36

C. 42

D. 48

E. 96 

Answer: D


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Area of the Quadrilateral=1/2*d*(h1+h2)



where d=diagonal

h1&h2 both are perpendiculars

If the diagonals are perpendicular in Quadrilateral then 


Area of a Cyclic Quadrilateral:

 13. A quadrilateral whose sides measures 5cm, 15cm, 25cm and 30cm is inscribed in a circle. The area of the quadrilateral is ___ sq cm

A. 20

B. 40

C. 805

D. 25105

E. 3575 

Answer: D


The area cyclic Quadrilateral=Aca      

Aca= √s (s-a) (s-b) (s-c) (s-d)


The cyclic Quadrilateral is a Quadrilateral whose vertices lies on the circumference of a circle.


  Aca= √35*15*25*5


The area of a parallelogram:      

14. Two sides of a parallelogram measure 15cm and 18cm while one of the diagonals measures 17cm. The area of the parallelogram is _____

A. 60

B. 90

C. 120

D. 180

Answer: C



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The diagonal (d1) should be maximum of a,b


The diagonal (d2) should be minimum of a,b




A030b4bc 6d69 4296 Ac6c E34e22f73b86

8,15,17  are the sides of a right-angled triangle

so, the area of the parallelogram= the area of the rectangle 

then 8*15=120sqcm

Using lengths of diagonal of a rhombus:

15. what is the perimeter of a rhombus whose diagonal measure 48cm and 14cm?

A. 50cm

B. 25cm

C. 100cm

D. 150cm

E. 200cm

Answer: C


In the rhombus, the diagonals bisect each other and perpendicular to each other.

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The perimeter of a rhombus=4a


The area of a regular hexagon:

16. Find the perimeter of a regular hexagon whose area is 24√3 cm.

A. 12cm

B. 24cm

C. 18cm

D. 30cm

E.  36cm

Answer: B




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The area of the regular hexagon =24√3

The area of the regular hexagon =6Δ



Area of the equilateral triangle=√3/4a²




The perimeter of a regular hexagon=6a


Area of a sector

17. the area of the sector of a circle with radius 6cm and an arc of length 12cm is___ cm²

A. 36

B. 48

C. 72

D. 96

E. 108

Answer: A


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The circumference of a circle=2πr

The circumference of a total circle θ=360/π


The small sector and Arc length =12

The Length of the arc α Angle at the center α  Area of the sector

The area of the sector=(θ/360)* πr²= (360/π)*(1/360)*πr²

The area of the sector=r²

where r=6



18. The wheel of a cycle has a radius of 15cm during a ride, it made 4000 revolutions along a straight road. How far did the cyclist go?

A. 1200πm

B. 600πm

C. 300πm

D. cannot determine

Answer: A


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Distance traveled in one revolution= Circumference=2Πr

Total distance=N*2Πr




The path inside a rectangle:

19. A path of width 1m is laid inside a rectangular park of dimensions 8m*20m such that it runs along the boundary. The path is laid with tiles measuring 10cm*10cm and costing Rs. 8 each what is the cost of tiles needed for the path.

A. Rs 41,600

B. Rs 4,160

C. Rs 4,16,000

D. none of the above

Answer: A


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The area of the path=Area of the outer rectangle-Area of the inner rectangle



The cost =area *price per area

               = 52*100*100*8/100


The path outside a circle

20. A circular garden of radius 35cm is surrounded by a path of width 7m outside it. what is the area of the path(in m²)?

A. 1038

B. 1296

C. 1352

D. 1441

E. 1694

Answer: E



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The total radius of Outer circle= 42m

The area of the path= Area of the outer path - Area of the inner path

                                 =π[42² -35² ]


                                 = (22/7)*77*7


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