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Eligibility Criteria for TCS Ninja 

TCS Ninja is a National Qualifier Test conducted by TCS(Tata Consultancy Services), whose main purpose is to bring the power of fresh talent into the industry. However, as each test has certain basic requirements, this test also has eligibility criteria. Kindly, read on to find out whether you are the right fit for TCS Ninja. 

Graduation Criteria:

Only full-time courses will be considered (Part Time/Correspondence courses will not be considered).

1. Full time graduate candidates from B.E / B.Tech/ MCA/M.E are eligible to apply. 

2. Candidates passing in the year 2019 are eligible to apply. 

3. M.Sc graduates in Computer Science /Information technology and other related disciplines can apply.

4. Engineering candidates from any specializations can apply.

5. MCA graduates with B.Sc/ BA with (Maths / Statistics) can apply.

6. Candidates should finish their respective courses within the stipulated duration of the course. 

7. Candidates from all AICTE approved colleges can apply for TCS Ninja test, especially those colleges in which TCS is not visiting for recruitment. 

Please note that a candidate is expected to have good communication & interpersonal skills, along with a good command of technical subjects.

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Academic Criteria:

1. A candidate must have more than 60% marks in 10th and 12th (or diploma).

2. A candidate must have a minimum of 60% marks in graduation.

3. A maximum gap of 2 years is permissible throughout the entire education.

4. A candidate can have 1 pending backlog at the time of appearing for TCS selection process.

TCS policies:

1. A candidate can re-apply at his/her own discretion only if the candidate has been rejected by TCS.

2. A candidate can re-apply after 6 months if he/she was selected in the TCS interview process.

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Some common FAQ related to TCS selection process

Q1. If I have 2 backlogs in the final year, am I eligible for the test?

A1. Well, TCS allows only 1 backlog at the time of selection process. Therefore, if you have more than 1 backlog, then you are not eligible for TCS Ninja exam.

Q2. Is the TCS National Qualifier Test happening simultaneously throughout the country or is TCS going to recruit by visiting each college separately?

A2. TCS National Qualifier Test will be conducted on 2nd and 3rd September across the entire nation. TCS will only be visiting grade A colleges for campus recruitment process. Rest of the grade B, C, D college students will have to apply TCS via TCS Ninja exam.

Q3. Is this exam for 2019 freshers? 

A3. Yes, TCS exclusively mentions that this exam is for 2019 passing students only. 

Q4. If some MCQ questions are left unattempted, then is there a negative marking for the unattempted questions? 

A4. No, there is no negative marking for unattempted questions.

Q5. What is the pattern for TCS Ninja Exam and Topics covered in TCS Ninja exam?

A5. Please Click Here to check Exam Topics and Exam Pattern

Q6. Suggest tips on how to prepare for TCS Ninja Exam

Please Click Here to see Video session on How to Crack TCS Ninja Exam  

TCS Ninja Exam Questions and Test Series

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