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TCS Ninja Cloze Question Type 

TCS Ninja Exam English Section (10Q in 10 minutes) -

This section contains Fill up the Blanks (FUB) type questions. Each question carries negative marking. A small passage will be given with blank spaces in between the passage. A student can answer each FUB type question by selecting an option in the drop-down menu of each blank. 

TCS Ninja has only one variety of question as a part of its Qualifier Test under the English Section, the Cloze. However, this one question variety can be used to check quite a few skills of the candidate.

The major skills that are checked are the Vocabulary skills, the Grammar Skills, and the logical skills. In this article, let us look at the kind of words that are often confused.

Try answering the questions to the passage given below.

Roads are transport corridors imposed on the environment by humans for the (1) moment / movement of people and materials. Road systems are extensive in length and in the area that they occupy, and they (2) extend/extent pervasively throughout most terrestrial landscapes and habitats. A(3) review/revision of the published literature reveals five major impacts of road systems on wildlife: (i) Road reserves provide (4) inhabit/inhibit/habitat for wildlife. Roadside vegetation has the greatest value as a wildlife habitat when it (5) consists/comprises/comprises of remnant or regenerated strips of indigenous vegetation. (ii) Roads, roadside habitats and the (6) aerial/arial space above roads can facilitate the movement of animals along the direction of the road reserve. (iii) Road reserves can act as a filter or barrier to the movements of wildlife through the landscape, thus dividing and isolating populations to varying extents. (iv) Roads are a source of (7) mortality/morality for wildlife. For some species, particularly those that are large, rare, or are regularly brought into contact with busy roads (e.g., migration pathways), road-kills can have a significant effect on conservation status. (v) Road systems are a source of biotic and abiotic effects on the surrounding landscape. The extensive area occupied by road systems and the ecological impact of roads on wildlife means that they are (8) very/too important to be neglected in conservation planning. 



  • ‘Moment’ is related to time, whereas ‘movement’ is related to the physical moving. Hence, here ‘movement’ is appropriate.
  • ‘Extend’ is the verb form of the word that means stretching. ‘Extent’ is the noun form. Here, we need the verb form.
  • ‘Revision’ is to have a re-look and modify too, if required. ‘Review’ is an inspection. Here, the published literature is being inspected and hence, ‘review’ is the correct option.
  • ‘Inhabit’ is to occupy a place and make it one’s residence. ‘Inhibit’ is to prohibit or stop from doing something. ‘Habitat’ is the place of residence or place of natural growth. Hence, here ‘habitat’ is the correct choice.
  • ‘Consists’ is used with ‘of’. ‘Comprises’ is used without ‘of’. Hence, the correct option is ‘comprises’.
  • ‘Aerial’ is related to sky. ‘Arial’ is a wrong spelling.
  • ‘Mortality’ is death. ‘Morality’ is related to doing the right things. Here, the sentence is describing how roads are causing death to the animals. Hence, the correct answer is ‘mortality.’
  • ‘Too-to’ is a combined structure and is used more for negative ideas. For example, the box is too heavy to carry. To indicate more of something, we use ‘very’. Hence, here ‘too’ is the correct choice.

A few more word groups that you should revise are:

Group 1:

Confused Word Meaning Example
Accent  mode of pronunciation;emphasis Indian accent
Consent permission; agree He gave his consent to the marriage.
assent approval; official agreement I will give this act my assent.
Accent  a climb up; an upward slope  the ascent of a balloon. 

Group 2

Confused Word Meaning Example
accept consent accept an invitation
except not including I can answer all questions except the last one.

Group 3 

Confused Word Meaning Example
access a means of approach Internet access is required to participate in the programme.
excess amount more than necessary ….excess baggage

Group 4  

Confused Word Meaning Example
adapt adjust or become adjusted adapt easily to the circumstances
adept very skilled or proficient …an adept juggler
adopt take as one’s own adopt a child / a new idea

Group 5 

Confused Word Meaning Example
adverse unfavorable
  • ....adverse circumstances
averse having a strong dislike
  • ….averse to taking risks

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